Day 8

Hands Played Today: 6752

Total Hands Played: 56750

Hands Needed: 143250

Pace: 53336 (+3414)

Jog: Yes (5/20)


Continue to run pretty good. Little heater going on here. Hope it continues, knock on wood.

Another thing that is awesome is the Canadian dollar getting wrecked this past week, compared to the American. Its like I got a 6% pay increase for doing absolutely nothing.

It hasn't been this low

1 U.S. dollar = 1.0656005 Canadian dollars

in years and its nice to see it return to its historical position. A couple of years ago when I started playing, before that moron in the white house had completely ruined the US economy, it was such a nice bonus for Canadians, and other non-Americans to have.

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