Day 9

Hands Played Today: 3078

Total Hands Played: 59828

Hands Needed: 140172

Pace: 60003 (-175)

Jog: Yes (6/20)


I had problems motivating myself to play today. Just played one session where I ran about average. I think the biggest demotivating factor is the low limits I play. It frustrates me b/c I know I'm a solid winner at much higher limits. And I feel like I am wasting my time with all this grinding at the lowest stakes.

But I did this to myself. Months and months of slacking off means a lot of cashouts and a dwindling bankroll. I have to work very hard each day to get ahead. But the future payoff is well worth it.

I am learning how to work hard still. It is definitely not something that comes natural to me. Especially when there is no one to answer to but myself. Its like pulling teeth some days.

But as long as I do SOMETHING each day its ok. Today was a slight misstep. But this month has been pretty good so far. I am right on pace for 200k hands after 30% of the month. This is an improvement on last month (which was my best month of the year). I was already a couple days into my first hiatus by this point in July.

I can't build Rome today or tomorrow, but as long as I keep improving and don't get down on myself, its gonna work out.

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