Well its been awhile...

Sorry bout that. Bunch of changes in my life. Not a ton of poker being played. I have been playing again the past few days and plan to play a lot this month so check back for lots of updates.

Played at 10NL, 25NL and 50NL the last few days. Just getting back to playing again and trying to find workarounds to the ongoing FTP lag issue. Also messing around with HUD's. I think I will give them a try again. I got picked apart a bit tonight at 50NL by some LAG's/Maniacs. I'm used to Loose/Tight Passives who fold to everything and it may have helped to know who was going to constantly play back at me.

Example of this. Double barrelling a maniac. The regular nits laydown AQ most of the time to my turn bet. This guy has a huge range, and I can find better spots to exploit that.


Note: I will just post my VPIP, PFR and Winrate at the end of the month from now on. Its kind of pointless to post it from day to day. Reading this blog was starting to make my head spin. All previous posts have been edited. As always Bonuses are included in "Results" and Rakeback (once a month) will be noted.

Hands Played: 6375

Rakeback: +$86

Results: +$342

Bankroll: $4408

Amount Needed: $5592

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