Decent Day

Played more hands in one day than I have in quite awhile. I completed the FTP $600 bonus midway thru the day, so my results won't be getting bolstered by that anymore.

This game is so sick sometimes. I had a brief mental lapse at the very end blowing a buyin. I was so pissed off I just closed all my tables at that point.

The hand. I have been trying to incorporate playing AA a little slower preflop to get my winrate up with the hand. So I cold call a raise and a reraise preflop here. I know the reraiser has Queens or AK and will stack off much easier if I just call preflop. Whereas he will fold everything but KK if I 4 bet it. I forgot about the original raiser...

So that hand really pissed me off cuz I completely misplayed it. I should have at least folded postflop when it was obvious I was beat. Anyways...its in the past, I will learn from it.

Hands Played: 3423

Results: +$219

Bankroll: $4627

Amount Needed: $5373

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