Jesus I run good

Tonight was pretty sick. Played a lot of big pots. I actually took a couple sickish beats. Could have been up a lot more. I started out by restarting the PC then loading up 8 tables, then adding 4 more and 12 tabled w/o too much lag for most of the night. So I'm not gonna hate on FT anymore for now. Maybe they fixed something, who knows.

I actually think I'm going to start cutting down to 10 tables. I have 12 tabled for yrs but sometimes its just more relaxing to play a few less. I know I won't get quite as few hands in but I do notice the psychos a little bit more easily and am aware of stuff like "ok I've raised several hands in a row on this table", just limp 88 in EP this time.

Some hands

OMFG bad beat. heh

Came so close to folding this. I went thru every hand he could have and decided it was a set way too many times to fold. I have redraws. Shove and pray.

Clearly that hand put this guy on tilt. This happened about 5 hands later. No idea what this guy was thinking. He plays bad limping AK and some mad tilt I guess = more $ for me ty

My favorite slaying of the night. Ya I run good and they stack off with anything.

Run good. They stack off. Patterns...

I actually had a good hand this time. His call was pro with King high on the flop. River avengeth.

Good bet by him on the river. I thought for a long time running thru all the hands he could have again. It didn't make sense to me = call

Hands Played: 1891

Results: +$347

Bankroll: $3980

Amount Needed: $6020

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