Rough Day

Today was one of those days where I lost every flip, KK to AA, flush over flush etc etc.
I think I played ok on the whole but there are some areas where I can improve. Have been pouring over my spew hands in Pokertracker and can find at least a buyin in mistakes.

This one pissed me off the most. This is probably the first time I have bluffed in a week and I have to remember never to bluff. They do not fold ever. Just b/c they bet like retards it doesn't mean they are weak. But more to the point...just don't bluff.

These 50NL games on FTP at night are just crazy. The tables are very loose and full of lunatics. I have been getting played back at a lot and I am going to have to adjust my game. I realized that with an AF of 5, my aggression level is probably too high even for the day games when its full of tight passives let a lone against a bunch of maniacs.

So I have been working on finding flops not to CBET. This is a good thing. A lack of agression is a much bigger problem and probably the primary reason most players lose. I don't really ever tilt,
but I need to be careful of the little spews here and there and respect the shortstacks.

Such as this. Yes I'm playing against retards who call raises with JQo. This was just a frustration call and I can't let it happen.

This hand was another mistake I made today. Its not the biggest mistake in the world but I put the money in as a 60/40 dog. He was not the preflop raiser and obv had a set. I should have just called the flop and then folded the blank turn (assuming he fires strong). It is only correct to jam a 15 out huge draw like this against the preflop raiser as I am a slight favorite against an overpair and I have fold equity.

This hand is another mistake and a clear spew. Its one of these 18 way limped pots and they can have anything. There is no need to fire more than 2 shells here. The river bet is just a spew and I know better.

Other than that, I can't find any other interesting hands. The other big pots I played are just a long line of suckouts and coolers that happen when you run bad. My ability to hit sets was non existent today also = can't win.

I think the quality of the games is excellent, especially at night. I just need to tone down the aggression a bit and not make these little mistakes for 10 bucks here, 20 bucks there. Very happy to be getting so many hands in.

Hands Played: 3502

Results: -$121

Bankroll: $4506

Amount Needed: $5494

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