The Grind...

Today just felt like work. I played a lot of hands. I couldn't make many good hands once again. But I managed to book a decent win, as the few good hands I made got paid off big. I made a few small mistakes again but overall my play was decent. I'm getting too nitty, maybe I just didn't get dealt anything today who knows but 12/7 is too tight. Anyways, here's a couple hands.

Villain slowplays himself to death. Standard.

Friday night drunk/weekend warrior donation.

Another villain blows up!

The standard cooler hand, I probably could have gotten away. Made a note on villain. He is sort of a regular. Guess I have all the implied odds in the world against him in the future. Nice.

Hmm, this pot I was happy with my read that he didn't have a queen. He insta potted turn = no queen. I just thought his pair was lower =/

This happened a lot today. I have to stop firing with QQ and KK everytime on a A hi flop deep against a donkey just itching to put the big bluff on me. Just take the free card and go from there.

Hands Played: 3804

Results: +$249

Bankroll: $4755

Amount Needed: $5245

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