Hello NL100

So I moved up to NL100 tonight. Moving up always makes me a bit nervous b/c if you run bad at first it really sucks. I mean, I have a huge bankroll for the game and wasn't going to move down given one bad night. But luckily that wasn't the case anyways. I ran better than I have in weeks and killed the game for a nice score. This also marks 10 winning sessions in a row which is great also.

The game basically plays the same as NL50. Lots of shortstack fish and a few fullstack ones. The only difference is that a few of the regulars are a bit better. By this I mean, they actually will 3bet you PF without AA or KK sometimes. Regs on the whole are incredibly weaktight just like at NL50. Several times tonight, I'm just left speechless when someone checks the 2nd nuts behind on the river. Or a reg wins a 20 dollar pot with AA b/c they got called on the flop and go into complete shutdown mode lol

I don't know any of these players yet. I had detailed notes on a lot of the NL50 regs. It lets me know who I can take pots away from and who I can't. Obviously it will be easier for me to attack certain players tendencies as I get more experience in the game and make the notes.

Villain goes crazy with TPTK


Villain goes crazy with Top 2


I had actually noticed this villain as being really bad already. Villain goes nuts with an underpair lol


Coolering someone. I run good.


And now for a hand that is interesting. Villain is one of 3 players who I identified tonight as #1 probably being a reg and #2 being a fairly solid player. I wish I could go back and play this hand differently. I really think I should have checked the turn behind so I could get this to showdown. I think he has the same hand as I do here the majority of the time. He has AA or KK or something that I beat like QQ or air equally small amounts of the time. By betting the turn I allow him to blow me off a what is likely a chop. And that is what he did. Good play by him. I just don't know enough about this player yet to look him up here. But if the range I put him on is anywhere near accurate, looking him up is slightly -EV anyways. Shoulda just checked behind.


Hands Played: 3033

Results: +$505

Bankroll: $6011

Amount Needed: $3989


  1. hi , is there anyway to read all your journey? and see those hands replay? they dont seem to work anymore.

    1. Hey,

      Sorry but some of these old posts might not have working links anymore. It looks like this site took down these hands unfortunately.