Goodbye NL50

Well I'm done with that limit now as I have achieved the bankroll requirement I set. I will move up to NL100 tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting in that game. I actually have more hands at NL100, than any other limit, throughout my poker career. So its nothing new.

Tonight things went decent. I made quite a few big hands. Its a weekend night so the games are extra soft. But I took the coolers obv as well lol. These included running my nut full house into quads on 2 occasions for basically full stacks both times. So fun.

Same as above. I always laugh at the screennames that have "fish" in them. They always are truly fish lol.

This is one of the quad over nut FH hands. Its weird they are happening so much lately. I don't think there is ever anyway to get away from this. Luckily I still hand 1 out remaining this time. But it never comes =/

This hand was played against a pure Saturday night maniac. Some background. About 2 hands earlier he got almost half a stack in preflop with A7s against the other players AA. He called off the rest of his stack on the flop with a FD and sucked out. So this guy is just ridic bad. I honestly thought about just shoving the turn even tho were a bit deep. Obv the river card is the worst possible card in the deck for me. Maniac 1 Me 0 =/

Hands Played: 3002

Results: +$155

Bankroll: $5506

Amount Needed: $4494

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