All Bad

I didn't play yesterday.

Well I guess I was due for it. Tonight was one of those nights where there is just nothing you can do. There is no way I could have won tonight. I was going to lose. The only question is how much. I think I did a pretty good job in mitigating against the damage but its still pretty ugly.

I actually thought, what if he has KJdd when I bet the turn. TT would have folded the flop. 22 would have raised the turn. So I put him on AK, or perhaps AT. I don't know how to get away here.

This hand was near the end of the session. It was probably a bit tilt induced. Its not the worst play in the world cuz I have 10 outs. But the reason its bad here is b/c its against an unknown, who as I know now, does not fold OP's

I can't even find any other interesting hands to post. They were all like this tonight. This one I lose the minimum, so I'm happy actually.

I hit no sets. They hit them everytime. I was given a great second best hand a million times tonight. Often against shortstacks like this. There is simply no way to get away.

And the few times I had it in good, they sucked out for splits or gutshots or w/e. Anyways, as always, I try to keep the badbeat stories to a minimum here. I won't post anymore hands. I have poured over them all in PT and I was happy with my play tonight on the whole. I've seen these nights many times before. I will see them again. I will get back in there tomorrow :)

Hands Played: 3058

Results: -$442

Bankroll: $5569

Amount Needed: $4431

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