I suck at poker =/

Played a really long session. I made a ton of mistakes in the first 1500 hands when I was running quite bad. The last 1500 hands I played much better and ran better. This was a very disappointing session b/c I should have been up big today.

This hand was just brutal on my part. Its embarassing to post it. This is such a basic fold its ridiculous. I have to play better than this. HU reraised pots, going broke is fine, 4 way to the flop I should never be going broke here.


This hand isn't quite as bad but I should have folded on the turn.


Again not terrible but should be a standard river fold. You aren't beating much.


I knew he had AT. I need to get away from spots like this on the turn. They don't raise the turn with hands I beat here.


Well only the first hand was truly terrible. I didn't play as bad as I thought after reviewing the hands in PT. I just took a lot of ugly beats today, which as always I won't bother posting. Still, one terribly misplayed hand is too many. I have to challenge myself to play better.

Hands Played: 3187

Results: +$39

Bankroll: $4794

Amount Needed: $5206

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