So I made some money again today

I played fairly well. Played a lot of big pots. Still can't hit a set, 2pair, FD, SD or anything for my life when calling a raise PF, so its pretty tough to win at the rate I would like to. But money is money and I will be at NL100 soon where it'll be better.

I made several big hands today and managed to stack people on at least 5 occasions. Unfortunately there were tons of coolers also.

This was the best one. Am I supposed to get away here? lol The funniest part was that he slow rolled me after I shoved. As I see now (b/c I have chat turned off), it was to type "q4ads" in the chat to be extra cool. rofl

Hands Played: 3536

Results: +$127

Bankroll: $5351

Amount Needed: $4649

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