Lose Lose Lose =/

So I finally have a losing session. I can't complain. I had lost count how many winning sessions it was in a row. It was my first losing session on FTP and I have been there for over 2 months now. Roughly 20 winning sessions in a row (just one being held up by bonuses) Almost unheard of. I expect to lose around 20-25% of NL sessions as any winning player should.

I definetely could have played better tonight but I couldn't hit anything all night and they seemed to have something every single time. After an early donation


I really should have gotten away from this hand. Villain here is a regular and not a very good one. He is very nitty and plays very ABC.


I didn't lose any other big pots tonight. Just a long succession of shit like this


and this


They hit a hand every time tonight and I hardly ever hit anything. Oh well. Always tomorrow. Cya.

Hands Played: 2007

Results: -$41
Bankroll: $3507

Amount Needed: $6493

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