Full Tilt software putting me on Full Tilt =/

Ever since their last update its just fucking terrible. Massive lag. I reduced it down to just 8 tables tonight as its near impossible to play 12 when its maxing my system's resources. I got disconnected 3 times tonight. Finally just gave up. Lost at least one decent sized pot from one of the disconnections. I have no record of it nicely enough too.

So Fuck Full Tilt. Back to Stars it may be soon rakeback or not.

Anyways, I managed to put in a reasonable amount of hands and booked a win. Most of it came from a couple of pots where villain shoved AK against my AA preflop, which I won't bother posting. This is happening a lot lately :)

One of the other big pots I won.


Semi-interesting hand of the night. Stacks are a bit deep and I have been raising this guy a lot and taking pots, mostly with the goods. I know he is itching to play back at me. Stacks are a bit deep, his huge flop re-raise is pretty ridic, looks like a combo draw or AQ much more than a set. I think I am good here a lot but w/e...


Hands Played: 1149

Results: +$126

Bankroll: $3633

Amount Needed: $6367

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