At least it wasn't boring =)

Played a lot of big pots. Hit a lot of big hands, won a big pot and then got coolered and lost a big pot. That was the pattern all night. My play could have been better tonight.

This hand irritated me the most. I actually haven't been in this spot on the turn in quite awhile and should have checked behind. If I bet I should have checked behind on the river. I was so close to doing it too...I convinced myself he had AA or KK


God I play bad lol. Raise the damn flop or fold! ugh...

This hand was awesome. Never seen this guy. Clearly looked like a big stack fish to me, not a reg. His bet on the turn sealed it. No one plays a set that way. Easy $$

Basically the same thing in this hand as the last. Its pretty slim, but just trust the gut and shove.
I got instacalled in both of these hands also rofl.

This guy is probably a halfway decent player on tilt or something. I've made this mistake many a time before. Get away or face the wrath of the set miner :o

God I'm such a lucksack

Thats all for now. Cya.

Hands Played: 1924

Results: +$108
Bankroll: $3548

Amount Needed: $6452


  1. That hand you were holding set of queeens ... you made a comment "raise or fold" .. well you were actually making a bet there .. so you couldn't raise ;) maybe you ment to go for check-raise instead ?

  2. Oh you meant actually that hand with K9o ?


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