White hot

Tonight I ran about as good as I ever have in one session. I hit a lot of big hands that got paid off fully nearly every time. They didn't have much in most of these pots also. They were a ton of really bad players on my tables all night. Several huge pots which I won't even bother posting had them calling off all there chips with middle pair etc drawing completely dead.

Only one hand can I recall sucking out at all and most of the money went in after I hit my 2 outer.


Actually there's another hand where I had somebody screwed bad :p I knew he had a flush but I thought it was a much better one than that. Odds are I have the best one. If he has the nuts, oh well. I didn't realize the board was paired til now :o I was very busy on other tables at the time. I CBET this 100% and didn't here b/c I was too distracted and forgot I was the PFR'er lol


This hand I waited for literally 2 hours for. The 2 opponents in this hand were amazingly bad. B-N-G 4 -EVER was actually playing every single hand. I don't normally notice bad play 12 tabling but this guy was so atrocious it was sick. I waited for a hand for 2 hours and got paid in full.


So I run sick good all in all. I'm not chalking this up to some amazing skill on my part. I'm glad to have played again tonight and felt I played very solid all night long.

I cannot really find an interesting hand to post here. Most of my decisions were very straightforward tonight. I will post this one. This was at the very end of the session.
I came very close to folding here. Then I realized he could have a ton of hands here that I beat. Anything from A9 to 44 to TT. I will be drawing very slim a few times but I never give short stacks much credit and I'm glad I didn't here. Obv they show up with retarded shit here way too often too fold this.


Hands Played: 2004

Results: +$353

Bankroll: $3439

Amount Needed: $6561

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