I actually played some poker tonight!!

So I haven't played a hand of poker in a week and a half. I have no idea why. Its been my problem for years. Its just the act of getting going. After 30 minutes when the nerves drop a bit everything is fine. Why I get nervous I don't know. I've won something ridiculous like 15 sessions in a row now. And it wasn't just bonuses keeping me up. I can only recall one day where that was the case. But I'm trying to remedy this problem of mine...

So I played tonight. Didn't run exceptionally well but decent enough. Got up pretty big early against some full stack fish.


I have no idea what this guy was thinking and I won many other pots off him all night. This was the only hand where I actually had a big hand against him and he decides to call me down here lol. One of the worst players I have ever seen. The good times for online poker aren't over yet!

Shortly after this and another big pot going my way I got coolered pretty bad here.


Nothing much to say about it obv. Go broke every time.

And now for a spot which is actually interesting.


Stacks are a bit deep. I think he has KK or QQ a decent amount of the time here but I also think he has JJ a lot here and TT even tho the preflop call is a bit ridic on his part. But I've seen it before. I think this guy made it really easy for me with his big flop bet as we are playing for stacks even if I call. I elect to fold here. Maybe I'm wrong. Oh well.

Hands Played: 1883

Results: +$137

Bankroll: $3086

Amount Needed: $6914

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