Some hand histories from the past week

I will try to include a couple of the more interesting HH's from each session from now on. This will hopefully make this blog more interesting to read (assuming I have readers) lol. Also it will provide easy accessibility for me at a later date to find good things or bad things in my play and ultimately ways to improve.

I won't be posting many hands where I stack someone with a set or get 2 outed or something. They usually aren't interesting and the hands play themselves. I will try to only post the hands that involve difficult decisions and thin edges.

March 5th

AQ hand. Raising AQo in EP in FR is very marginally +EV according to my stats. Nonetheless PF is standard here for me. I had the action wrong before. Both callers were in the blinds. Even tho I know I had the fish Toto1 beat I should have folded to his check raise because of the full stack smooth caller yet to act. There is nothing I beat here by shoving and I played this poorly. The fact that effective stacks were a bit deep makes it even worse.

I really thought I had one of them set over setted here and was going to win a big pot. I'm not really sure if I lost value by shoving the turn. The board is pretty draw heavy and I thought at least one of them was going to call. On the other hand, I'm not sure there is a more effective raising strategy here considering stack sizes. Calling is pretty much out of the question I believe.

March 7th

Felt a bit lost in this hand. Stacks are fairly deep here and I hate calling down basically anytime. But I'm not sure what else to do here. Its not the safest flop in the world but I'm probably good. His weak turn bet def made me think I had him. The river, QT got there but I felt there were more than enough hands that I beat.

This hand is probably a lot more standard now that I look at it. In a reraised pot a Q high flop obv scared me quite a bit, hence my call. But his huge turn overbet is convinced me he didn't have QQ. Its a fish overplaying top pair. Results were unlucky but I was pleased with my play here.

March 8th

This is a pretty common spot. I don't normally play a big pot in a situation like this. I think the bet on the river is for value more often than not as they will call with JJ, 99, AT, 77 etc. I think at higher limits not double barrelling here would be bad but in this game I don't feel the need to present much of an image or push thinner edges as there are more than enough huge +EV spots.

This is a tough spot that you are commonly faced with with AK. The button is not really worth discussing, random fish. I was shocked when the BB called 6 bets cold preflop and I immediately put him on a big hand, probably QQ, maybe KK. There is a possibility he has TT here but I felt shove was the optimal play here as he has JJ, QQ, KK or random clubs much of the time. Putting him on this range, maybe calling was a more optimal play. But then again another club kills my action and possibility beats me. Also all those underpairs shut down when I call. If he has AA, thats just a cooler. Had this pot not been reraised preflop I think a fold is pretty standard here.

This hand is very standard and isn't of much interest other than to highlight how bad some of these players are and why most high functioning chimps could be trained to slaughter these games. I won't post these type of hands very often as I said before but here's one for now. The fish in this hand have 40bb and 60bb, not 30bb as I said before. The button's preflop raise amount is just ridiculously bad, the BB's PF call with AK is simply atrocious etc etc.

Look forward to playing a bunch of hands this weekend. Will be playing tournies sporadically also. There is a rakeback freeroll coming up and I have a ton of FPP still on Stars that I will be using on satellites into the Sunday Million and World Series.

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