More of the same

Tonight was a bit boring. Players weren't quite as wild and I really didn't hit much of anything. But I am still running quite well. I didn't take a single bad beat tonight for literally any kind of significant sized pot.

My biggest hand of the night was actually at the very end when I was shutting down the tables. I flopped a set of deuces on A28 and broke two 30bb fish who had AK and A7. Other than that it was a lot of small and medium sized pots which I took with position as I really didnt have many good hands tonight.

I played a touch tighter than normal tonight at 15/8 and my winrate was 7ptbb/100. The last 2 sessions my winrate was 11ptbb/100 both times. Obviously these numbers are absolutely crushing the game and I know it will not last. But i'm confident I can maintain 5ptbb/100 over the longhaul at this level. Therefore it shouldn't take more than a week or two more before I hit NL100. I have decided to wait for 40 buyins for that game instead of 35.

I don't want any hesitation in my play when I see a +EV spot to push a smallish edge. And I don't want to have to drop back down due to short term variance once I move up to any level. Later.

Hands Played: 1889

Results: +$170

Current Bankroll: $2949

Amount Needed: $7051

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