Another good session

Didn't play yesterday.

Played real well today. Results are always nice but playing 2k hands without a single mistake made (by my judgement) is good stuff. I continue to run pretty good and that helps obviously. Only took one sickish beat today. It hurt because I made a great call after nearly timing out. Guy wanting to play his AQ TPTK like a maniac for 100bb stacks. I called his all in bet with KK on the turn on the Q high board and the river was an ace.

I also AA to KK'd a guy today for full stacks (running well) and took my standard ridiculous amount of pots with draws, air etc with LP aggression. FTP is full of true nits that can be easily exploited by this. This is pretty much the same as at Stars where I played before but there are also a good amount more real fish at FTP (even full stack ones) which pad the winrate. Thats all for now.

Hands Played: 2k

Results: +$263

Current Bankroll: $2779

Amount Needed: $7221

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