Good start

I was pretty sure this first real post here was gonna be a downer post about losing some money. I started off running pretty bad and playing even worse. The most notable of my terrible play was raising AQo in EP, 2 callers, button (180bb) and SB (30bb). Flop AQK rainbow. I told myself not to play a big pot here. Nothing I beat is going to come along for the ride. So I bet out (pretty standard) button calls and shorty in SB checkraises. Now I know I have him beat, random shortstack retard but the guy on the button probably has me. But deciding to play like a moron myself I shove anyways. Button calls shows AK gg me.

I lost another buyin shortly before this playing QQ way too strong on a 757 flop. I had raised it huge with a ton of limpers preflop and yes they will call 10bb's with 87. I also lost another 3/4 buyin getting 2 outed on the river my AA vs QQ.

Anyways, I continued to play, I was never really near tilting. Thats the one facet of my game that has improved so much over the years. I started running a lot better, stacking some people when I hit some sets and just generally playing a lot better. Tons of fish donating with standard wtf play also.

I never look at my bankroll during a session and usually think I did worse than I did when I check it at the end. Sure enough, it was the case again. I was up nearly 5 buyins when I finished.
Just over 2k hands played. It's always nice to start on a winning day. I ran at 11ptbb/100 crushing the game. I don't expect to continue this winrate but I felt in total control of all the tables I was on and the competition seemed as weak as ever.

I am going to be posting hands with blog entries starting this weekend when I have some time to get that sorted out. Later.

Note: The "Results" are the total of poker winnings and bonuses. Rakeback, which I will receive once a month will be noted as such.

Hands Played: 2k

Results: +$279

Current Bankroll: $2516

Amount Needed: $7484

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