As much as I love hearing from all my fans and regular readers I receive A LOT of email. Sometimes 50 or 100 a day.

Since I am just a regular person like you with a limited amount of time in the day, this is a bit of a problem.

I do not hire anyone to answer my email for me. I answer every single email myself personally.

So I need to ask for your patience.

I get many of the same questions over and over again though so please see this FAQ first:

Do You Coach/Mentor?

Sorry but I do not accept any new students anymore. I simply do not have the time. There are absolutely no exceptions to this, sorry.

How Do I Beat The Micro Stakes?

I get many general poker questions like "how do I beat the micros?"

This is a very difficult question to answer without knowing more information. After all, people write entire books on this subject. I have written 3, see below.

So this is why I wrote a 50 page free poker strategy guide.

This has everything that you need to know in order to start winning at the very lowest stakes.

What is the Best Poker Site to Play At?

I get this question so often that I created an entire article with my top recommended poker sites.

What Poker Tools/Software Do You Use?

Again, I get this question so often that I created an entire article for it. My top recommended poker tools.

How Do I Buy Your Books?

All of my books are available exclusively on this website and this website only. If you see any of my books listed on another website, it is a pirated or illegal version.

Crushing the Microstakes - NL2, NL4, NL5, 6max, full ring, zoom.

Modern Small Stakes - NL10, NL25, NL50, 6max, full ring, zoom.

The Micro Stakes Playbook [Brand New] - NL10, NL25, NL50, 6max, full ring, zoom.

Can I Meet You?

I live in Thailand.

I am always happy to meet up with fellow poker players. But I get a lot of requests to meet from complete strangers who happen to be taking a vacation here.

This is awkward. Do you like to meet up with complete strangers off the internet?

Ya, thought so.

Look, if we know each other at least a little bit then I have no problem with it. But please understand that I will probably say no if I don't know you at all.

Can I Republish Your Articles On My Website?

Please do not republish my blog articles on your website. Not only is this very ethically wrong, it just isn't the right way to run your business.

Please create your own work and publish that. Don't copy mine.

Can I Translate Your Articles and Put Them On My Website?

Please do not translate my blog articles and place them on your website. Once again, I encourage you to create your own content instead of copying mine.

Copying somebody else's work is no way to run a business. Create your own material and bring something new to the poker community. I have faith in you!

Can I Put Advertising/Sponsored Post On Your Website?

You can feel free to email with me your advertising/sponsored post requests.

Please note though that the vast majority of requests that I receive get deleted immediately with no reply. And this is because they are not related to the content on my website which is poker!

For instance, if your product/service is about online casinos (slots, blackjack etc.) please do not waste my time or yours. I will never promote this to my audience.


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