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Hi, thanks for reaching out!

My goal on this website is to get you winning consistently in your poker games as quickly as possible.

I get asked a lot of the same poker questions frequently, so I decided put together this "master list" below so that you can quickly find the answer you are looking for.

Do You Coach?

Sorry, but I am not accepting any new students at this time.

Can You Give Me Advice on My Poker Hand or This Poker Situation?

I receive a lot of poker hand and poker strategy questions every day and it is just not possible for me to answer them all anymore.

So I now review poker hands and give poker strategy advice in one place and one place only.

And that is: My Private Facebook Poker Group

This is the #1 free private poker strategy group on social media these days where you can discuss high level strategy with lots of other very serious poker players, just like you.

You can also post your poker hands that are causing you trouble on there and get direct feedback from myself and several other poker pros.

Do You Have a Free Poker Cheat Sheet?


Are you struggling to create consistent profits in small stakes poker games? Would you like to make a nice part time income of at least $2000 per month in these games? Blackrain79 contact 

If so, then I wrote this free poker cheat sheet for you. 

This is the best completely free poker strategy guide available online today. It shows you how to crush the small stakes games step by step. 

Learn exactly what hands to play and when to bet, raise and bluff all in! 

These are the proven strategies that I have used as a 10+ year poker pro to create some of the highest winnings of all time in these games. 

Enter your details below and I will send my free poker "cheat sheet" to your inbox right now.

What About Free Step by Step Poker Strategy Videos and Articles?

So you read my free poker cheat sheet and it wasn't enough? You still need more?

I got you covered.

First things first, I would highly recommend checking out my "Start Here" page. This is where you will find a complete list of all my very best articles according to skill level (beginner, novice, pro etc.)

My Start Here Page

You will also find a complete listing of all the best poker training programs that I recommend, once again for all skill levels.

I would also recommend checking out my YouTube poker channel, where I put out new videos every single week to help you crush the micros.

Here is my latest video: 9 Easy Ways to Tell if They Are Bluffing You

Never miss my new poker videos, join 100,000+ who are already subscribed.

How Do I Find the Fish?

Gotcha covered once again. I have already written the ultimate guide to table selection.

What Poker Tools/Software Do You Use?

Again, I get this question so often that I created an entire article for it. My top recommended poker tools.

Should I Play 6max or Full Ring?

I wrote an article answering all your questions on this. Here it is:

Should You Play 6max or Full Ring?

What is the Best Poker Site For You to Play At?

It's impossible for me to answer this question anymore because the government rules and regulations are different all over the world.

And it even varies from state to state, if you happen to be from America!

But I do have a big article on exactly what I look for when choosing the best poker site to play at.

Is XYZ Poker Site Rigged?

People ask me about various poker sites being rigged so often, I wrote a big article for that too!

Is Online Poker Rigged? (Here are the Facts)

Should I Play Zoom Poker or Regular Tables?

I also wrote a huge article covering all things Zoom poker (most popular Zoom strategy guide ever written), which you can find here:

The Essential Zoom Poker Strategy Guide

What About Small Stakes Poker Tournaments? What's the Best Strategy to Beat Them?

The most popular article ever written for this is also exclusively on my website:

The Ultimate Guide to Micro Stakes Poker Tournament Strategy

How Much Money Can I Make Playing Poker?

Once again, I already wrote an article on this which provides you with all the numbers you need to know:

How Much Do Poker Players Make?

What is a Good Poker Winrate For NL2, NL5, NL10 and So On?

I have already written an article for this as well with the best winrates for all online poker games:

Good Poker Winrates for Small Stakes

Do You Need to Use a HUD to Win at Online Poker?

Yup, you guessed it, I have the answer for you right here:

Do You Need a HUD to Win at Online Poker?

What is the Best Poker HUD to Use?

The most popular article in the history of my website covers this in massive detail. You can even download my personal custom HUD for free and use it yourself at the poker tables:

Optimal Poker HUD Setup for Small Stakes Games

Can I Use the PokerTracker HUD on This Specific Poker Site?

Online poker sites change their rules concerning poker HUD usage very often. On the PokerTracker website you can find a complete listing of all the poker sites it is compatible with.

What Are the Best Poker HUD Stats?

I wrote an article on this as well:

Here are the Best Poker HUD Stats

How Do I Stop Tilting and Losing My Money?

Read this. It is one of my most popular articles of all time:

15 Mental Tips That Will Double Your Win Rate at the Micros

What Sort of Bankroll Do I Need to Play NL2, NL5, NL10 Etc?

Again, I have you covered.

The Complete Guide to Bankroll Management for Small Stakes Poker

Do You Have Any Poker Videos?


I have a Poker YouTube channel where I put out brand new small stakes poker strategy videos every single week.

Here is one of my newest videos: 5 Easy Poker Strategies EVERY Beginner Should Know

Never miss my new videos, join 100,000+ who are already subscribed.

Do You Have an Advanced Video Course?

Yes, I just released my brand new Elite Poker University with nearly 17 hours of world class poker instruction.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

Learn how to play optimally in every situation imaginable whether you play cash games, tournaments, zoom, 6max, full ring, live poker or online poker.

You will learn how to play many difficult spots like:

How to play your AK on a 8♣75♣ flop, when an aggressive player raises you.

Or how to play your K♠K on a A5♣3 flop, when one of those unpredictable "fishy" players raises you.

And you will also learn some of my most advanced strategies for mid and high stakes games such as:

How to turn your 55 into a highly profitable Triple Barrel Bluff versus a Tight/Passive player on a River of T7♣6♣A♠K

Or how to check/raise the River for massive value versus a recreational player and as a total bluff versus a Loose and Aggressive regular

This course is for serious poker players only who want to get world class results.

Learn EXACTLY how to start crushing small and mid stakes poker games, play semi-pro or even full time pro. Use my proven elite poker strategies to start winning fast.

Get $100 OFF Use Code: Elite100 

How Do I Buy Your Poker Books?

All of my best selling poker books are available exclusively here only on

Crushing the Microstakes - NL2, NL4, NL5, 6max, full ring, zoom (low stakes live). Best for new or struggling low stakes players who want to start winning now.

*New* There is now an optional live play video course companion to Crushing the Microstakes. 6+ hours of me playing 6max, Zoom and full ring and explaining all my decisions.

Modern Small Stakes - NL10, NL25, NL50, 6max, full ring, zoom (low/mid stakes live). Best for slightly more advanced players who need help moving up and beating harder games.

The Micro Stakes Playbook NL10, NL25, NL50, 6max, full ring, zoom (low/mid stakes live). Best for aspiring pros or semi-pros who need helping moving up and beating higher stakes.

What Free Bonuses Come With Your Poker Books?

All of my poker books come with 2 extremely popular FREE bonuses:

1. The Starting Hands Cheats Cheats

2. The Ultimate Zoom Poker Strategy Guide

Do Your Poker Books Come in Hardcover or Paperback, Do I Ship Them to Iceland?

All of my poker strategy books are in digital format (ebook) only. There is no need to ship anything, and you will get access instantly.

Upon purchase you will receive an immediate email with the download links for the pdf, mobi and epub versions of my poker book (along with the bonus guides as well).

This means that you can read, or print out, my poker book on any computer, laptop, iPad, Kindle, e-reader, tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device.

If you ordered my live-play poker video series as well, you will receive a link to the videos upon purchase. You can either stream the videos or download them and watch them on the go.

***My poker video course is password protected. Please check your email, it has the password!

Do The Strategies in Your Poker Books Work For Zoom?

Yes, all of the strategies in my poker books will work perfectly well in Zoom games as well.

Also, as mentioned above, one of the key bonuses that comes with all of my books is The Ultimate Zoom Poker Strategy Guide.

This free guide teaches you everything you need to know about how to beat Zoom style poker games.

Additionally, my new Elite Poker University has an entire training section just for Zoom.

Get $100 OFF Use Code: Elite100 

Are The Strategies in Crushing the Microstakes Still Relevant Today?

Crushing the Microstakes is still very relevant to today's games at the lowest limits. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, it is the only book ever written to my knowledge that focuses specifically on the very lowest stakes (NL2 and NL5). I also have arguably more experience and winnings in these games than anyone in the history of online poker.

Secondly, the pace of change in these games is very slow compared to higher limits and most of the strategies in the book are aimed at the bad players who do not improve or get better. 

This means that the advice in the book worked 5 years ago, works today, and will still work 5 years from now.

Lastly, and most importantly, Crushing the Microstakes is an ebook only (no printed version exists). This means that unlike traditional printed books, my books get regular updates.

What is the Difference Between Modern Small Stakes and The Micro Stakes Playbook?

Modern Small Stakes and The Micro Stakes Playbook both cover the same stakes, roughly NL10 to NL100 6max, full ring and Zoom.

However, they were written in very different ways. Modern Small Stakes is a 500 page answer for what to do in every situation possible in a small stakes poker game. It almost reads like a college textbook at times and this might be too much for some people.

The Micro Stakes Playbook is only around 250 pages and it was written much more in the Crushing the Microstakes style of a practical point by point guide. It doesn't try to cover every situation like MSS does.

Instead it focuses on the specific strategies that I have used with the most success in recent years in small stakes poker games, such as floating the flop and taking the pot away on the turn. Or raising the river against weak opponents.

Which one do I suggest for you? It kind of depends on how you like to learn. The Playbook is a couple of years newer so it may have some more up to date concepts, so I do tend to recommend that one more if pressed for an answer.

But I think for an experienced poker player who has gotten past the lowest stakes, and is looking to move up, there is plenty to learn from each book in terms of the strategy and mental approach needed to successfully beat higher stakes games.

Do the Strategies in My Poker Books Work For Tournaments or Sit and Gos?

Please note that I am primarily a cash game player. So all of the strategies that I discuss in my poker books come from a cash game player's perspective.

I think that the strategies I teach will work well in the early stages of a low stakes tournament or sit and go when the stacks are still relatively deep.

But once you get into the mid stages, bubble and final table, when the stacks get shallower in a tournament or a sit and go, you will need to apply more of a push/fold strategy with ICM considerations. This stuff is outside the scope of my books.

However, my new Elite Poker University has an entire training section just for Tournaments.

Get $100 OFF Use Code: Elite100

What Payment Options Are There For Your Poker Books or Course?

I have 3 different payment options for my poker books and course.

These are:

1. Credit card or debit card

2. Paypal

3. Skrill

In order to pay by credit card or debit, all you have to do is click the "Add to Cart" button on the sales page for any of my books, then enter your details.

If you would like to pay by Skrill, there are instructions on how to do that at the bottom of the sales page for all of my poker books.

What Other Poker Training Do You Recommend?

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass - Also excellent for beginner to mid stakes cash games and tournaments, online and live. 

You are learning from the very best, Daniel Negreanu.

Phil Ivey MasterClass - This brand new poker course taught by Phil Ivey is the first time he has ever revealed his secrets at the poker table. 

This course is geared towards those who play cash games or tournaments and want to play high stakes one day.

Can I Meet You For a Coffee/Beer?

I spend about half of the year living in S.E. Asia (Thailand, Philippines usually). This is my "home base."

But I spend the other half of the year traveling all over the world. For example, this year I spent Jan-July in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic!

I am also frequently in Europe, Dubai, South Korea/Japan and elsewhere.

So I am not exactly the easiest person to pin down lol.

If you want to find out where I am right now, I would suggest, following me on Instagram

I have met countless poker players over the years and some of them have become good friends of mine.

So you can feel free to send me a message on social and if it works out, then maybe we can set something up.

I do plan to do some "fan meetups" in the future also when I visit big cities like NYC or London.

And I am from Vancouver, Canada so you can often catch me there in the summertime :)

Can I Republish Your Blog Posts/Books On My Website?

Please do not republish my blog articles, my books or any of my content on your website. 

And yes, I am aware that there are several websites out there who steal my content on a regular basis.

This is wrong. Period.

Please take the time to create your own original content instead and bring some real value to the poker community. I know you can do it, I have faith in you!

Can I Get A "Sponsored Post" On Your Website?

Sorry but this is an ad-free website and always will be.

I don't want your money.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can apply to join right here.

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Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams
Poker Pro and Best Selling Poker Author
Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams  Poker Pro and Best Selling Poker Author