Is Online Poker Rigged? - Here Are the Facts [2020]

Is online poker rigged?
People often ask me if online poker is rigged or not.

And my answer is always the same: if it is rigged, then it is definitely rigged for me. Because I have made a lot of money playing this silly little card game on the internet!

In all seriousness though, this is big concern that many people have. In fact my recent "Is PokerStars Rigged" post continues to get more passionate (and sometimes completely crazy) comments every single day.

So here's the short of it:

Online poker on the whole is not rigged. The financial incentives for the poker sites to maintain the integrity of their games are just too important. However, there are some legitimate concerns about some of the smaller poker sites in particular. The bottom line though is that you are the customer and you hold all the power. If you think a certain poker site is rigged, then you should withdraw all your funds and absolutely refuse to play there.

However, this is a fairly simplistic answer. So let's dig into specifics in the case for and against online poker being rigged. I will also talk about issues like bots, collusion and superusers.

Alright, let's go!

Is Online Poker Rigged? What's the Deal!

So let's get right into it. Is online poker rigged or not? What the heck is the deal here? Why do I get so many bad beats?!

When people talk about online poker being rigged the most common complaints I hear are a mathematically improbable amount of "setups" (example: AA vs KK) and bad beats (example: you have AA, bad player with 74 offsuit hits two pair on the river).

Here is a good example of a so called setup hand:

But anyone who has played poker longer than a few days, knows that eventually these always go both ways. They are simply a part of the game, so it's like complaining about the rain.

People also often talk about a "big stack advantage" in poker tournaments as well. This means that they believe the poker site rigs it in order for the bigger stack to win more all-in preflop coinflips (example: AK vs 99).

The logic behind what exactly the poker sites gain by rigging these hands and allowing the big stack to win more flips is a little bit less clear. Especially since most of the people who complain that online poker is rigged play incredibly low stakes, like $10 games.

Some people however claim that there is widespread collusion, bots or "superusers" in many games. Now this is a bit of a separate issue because this sort of cheating (if true) is more likely to be perpetrated by the players themselves, not the poker sites.

However, let's put that to the side for a moment and discuss the case for and against online poker being rigged first.

The Case For Online Poker Being Rigged

So let's look at the facts for why online poker is rigged then shall we?

Well, unfortunately the facts for online poker being rigged are few and far between. The arguments in favor of online poker being rigged would be much better classified as "anecdotal" instead.

For instance, if you go read the comments on my recent "Is PokerStars Rigged" post you will find that nearly all of the people writing me long, angry, incoherent and expletive laced rants about PokerStars being rigged are always missing one important pesky little detail:


Instead their arguments usually go something like this instead:

"OMGGGZZZ, my pocket AA got cracked 3 times in a row, on the RIVER, every time STUPID JOKERSTARS, rigged, I will get my lawyer and sue POKERSTARS!!!, OMFG so mad right now, how can anyone play on this RIGGED poker site???"

Now, the problem with "arguments" for online poker being rigged like this is that while they certainly demonstrate a large amount of emotion, they just aren't supported with anything close to what we would typically deem as evidence.

And unfortunately, when making such seriously allegations and threatening lawsuits against a multi-billion dollar company you are probably going to need some of this!

The main problem here is that "my pocket AA got cracked 3 times in a row" just doesn't mean anything. Like at all.

In fact this is such a completely commonplace and mathematically likely occurrence in poker that it is trivial to even consider.

You would need a sample size of thousands of instances where your AA was getting beat too often in order to have a real and substantive argument here.

And luckily for all of those who believe that online poker is rigged, this is actually really, really easy for them to do.

You can just use a program like PokerTracker, import your poker hands, and then filter for all instances of AA to see your winning percentage.

Pocket Aces should win approximately 85% of the time versus a random hand.

is online poker rigged

So, if you had a sample size with thousands of instances of AA where you are only winning at 70%, 60% or less, then you would have a real and legitimate complaint!

However, I have never seen anyone who claims that online poker is rigged actually produce a statistically significant sample size like this. Instead they have sample sizes of 3 hands, 10 hands or 100 hands.

Incredibly small sample sizes like this would be quickly refuted by any amateur mathematician as well within the bounds of simple variance and standard deviation.

And for all those threatening lawsuits against the online poker sites this sort of "evidence" would also be quickly dismissed from any court of law as pure silliness.

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The Case Against Online Poker Being Rigged

The evidence for online poker not being rigged is far, far stronger. And the reason why is because once again, you can just go check it for yourself!

Most poker sites these days will allow you to download your hand histories as you play. Hand histories are a small text document which includes every bit of information about a poker hand.

For Example:
  • Exact time the hand was played
  • All player's stack sizes
  • Who bet, folded, called etc.
  • Who was the winner of the hand
  • Who was the loser of the hand

And as mentioned before, we have highly sophisticated online poker tracking programs these days like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager.

Using the pocket AA example again, you could simply go into either of these programs and filter for this hand only. Then you could see if your winning percentage differs dramatically from where it should be.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t even take that many hands to figure this out. In order to get a sample size of 1000 instances of pocket AA for instance, you would only need to play 220,000 hands of poker.

You get dealt pocket AA 1 out of every 220 hands. 220 x 1000 = 220,000.

Now this might sound like a lot, but for anyone who plays online poker seriously and multi-tables this is not really that many hands. Any serious poker player could easily do this in a couple months.

In fact, I have actually played this amount of poker hands in one single month several times throughout my poker career.

By the way if you are curious about how I play this many hands of poker, and still keep track of all my opponents, yes I do use several poker software aids and tools.

For the complete list of all poker software and tools I use as a pro at the tables, click here.

However, my suspicion is that many of the people complaining about their pocket AA being cracked too much have not even played this many hands in their entire lifetime!

After all, it is hard to play a lot of poker when you are too busy writing angry comments and threatening lawsuits in my blog comments and elsewhere.

Look, if you truly believe that your pocket AA is losing way too often then you owe it to yourself to at least do your homework first so that you know for sure.

Play a statistically significant sample of hands (i.e. 200K+), run it through a tracking program, and then post the evidence for all the world to see!

Opinions are great. Everybody has one. But what we need in order to solve the debate once and for all about online poker being rigged or not are facts. Clear verifiable evidence.

Unfortunately for all the people claiming that online poker is rigged, they never seem to have much of this. However, I know that I can look through my own database of millions of poker hands and prove them dead wrong in a second.

Another thing that would help a lot of the people who believe online poker is rigged is to simply get better at poker.

Because when you have an extremely high win-rate you won't worry about the routine ups and downs as much anymore.

This is something that Daniel Negreanu actually mentions specifically in his brand new advanced poker training course. Instead of worrying so much about the losses, just focus on winning more!

Poker Sites Have a Direct Financial Incentive NOT to Rig Online Poker

The other big problem for the online poker is rigged crowd is that the poker sites actually have a direct financial incentive to maintain the integrity of their games.

In other words, they have a clear motive NOT to rig online poker.

PokerStars for instance made $877 million dollars in revenue from poker in 2017. And that is actually a 4% increase over 2016 for all the people who think the popularity of online poker is trending downward.

What these numbers really prove though is the point that I have been making on this blog for many, many years now.

And That Is:

The poker sites themselves are the real big winners in poker and they always will be. They are the real "sharks," not the players.

If you disagree please tell me the name of a poker player who is making nearly a billion dollars a year. I would pay anything to get coaching from this guy!

So simple common sense and logic will tell us that when you are already crushing it beyond belief in business the last thing you want to do is change anything or risk your reputation.

No of course not. You just want to keep the gravy train rolling!

You really have to ask yourself what PokerStars for example has to gain by rigging the river in your $10 tournament. Nothing. But they have everything to lose.

You Are The Customer, You Have All the Power!

But hey believe me, I get it. Some people will never be convinced no matter what I or others say.

Even though there is absolutely no evidence to support their claims nor even a motive for many of the poker sites to rig anything, their minds are already made up.

And that's completely cool.

You can believe pink monkeys orbit the moon too and Tupac Shakur is alive and well living on an island in Malaysia with Jim Morrison.

At the end of the day though it doesn't matter what I believe or what you believe because the bottom line when you are playing poker (online or live) is that you are the customer.

And therefore, you have all the power.

So if you believe that a certain poker site is rigged against you then you should vote with your feet and simply withdraw all your funds and never play there again.

Something that I can never understand is how many people complain that a certain poker site is rigged (let’s just use PokerStars as an example again) and yet they continue to play there!

Why on earth would you continue to play at a poker site that you are convinced is rigged? This defies all logic and even just common sense.

There are literally hundreds of other online poker sites to choose from. And if you are convinced that all of online poker is rigged against you then you can just go play live as well!

Also, remember that when you withdraw your funds and go play somewhere else this is a huge loss for that poker site. They rely on the rake that you pay to keep creating those multi-million dollar profits.

So if you are convinced that an online poker site is rigged, hit them where it hurts, in the pocket book. Withdraw your money and never play there again.

What About Poker Bots, Collusion and SuperUsers?

Alright, let’s get into the much more serious discussion now of poker bots, collusion and superusers.

This is a legitimate concern because unlike poker sites rigging the river against your pocket aces, there is actually real evidence that this sort of cheating has occurred.

But the difference here is that the cheating is almost always done by the players themselves.

They are often the ones who are trying to run poker bots, collude with other people at the the table or find out somebody's hole cards (superuser).

In the past several years there have been allegations of bots in particular being used on nearly every major online poker site.

poker bots online poker rigged

And this isn't just speculation. There have been many high profile cases of poker sites publicly refunding players because their security teams uncovered gross rule violations.

Now while they rarely spell out the exact details of what type of actual cheating occurred (for pretty obvious reasons) it is clearly some sort of bot ring or collusion in many cases.

Now should you be concerned about playing against poker bots, colluders and so on? Absolutely. But here's the thing. You are battling against human nature here.

Whenever there are significant amounts of money on the line, a small amount of people are going to engage in shady practices or even outright cheating.

Remember that little global financial meltdown we had about 10 ago? Ya, enough said.

Look here's the thing. There is always going to be some form of cheating or angle shooting in poker no matter what games you play in. And it doesn't matter if you play live or online.

Does this mean that you should never play poker again? No of course not. You just need to be realistic and vigilant when playing poker.

I would also be a lot more concerned as a mid or high stakes poker player about this sort of cheating because of the much larger amounts of money in play.

However, less than 5% of the people reading this article right now actually play in these games. I know this because I asked 1,124 of you what stakes you play a few months ago!

But look here is the bottom line once again. You are the customer. If you feel that something isn't right, then send the poker site an email, and give them some specific names and details so they can investigate.

If you do not find their reply to be satisfactory, then withdraw all of your funds immediately and never play there again.

Final Thoughts

So should you trust online poker? Is online poker rigged?

Well, I think the glaring lack of any real evidence or even a motive for most of the major online poker sites to be rigging anything speaks volumes.

But as we all know some people will never be convinced.

And of course it is much easier to just say that something is rigged against you rather than to address the real core problem: Not understanding basic fundamental poker strategy.

After having coached 100's of low stakes students before in the past, this is the real issue in my experience working with other poker players.

But since there is tons of high quality advanced poker training programs available these days to help you improve, this really shouldn't even be an issue anymore.

As for the much more serious and realistic issue of poker bots, colluding and superusers I think there is a reason to have some level of concern about this.

You should be vigilant about any poker games you are playing in and don't be afraid to report any suspicious behavior either.

All major online poker sites have a security team dedicated to maintaining the integrity of their games. It is their job to investigate your concerns!

But as I have said again and again throughout this article, at the end of the day you don't have to listen to me or anyone else. You are the customer and you hold all the power.

If you think there is something amiss with a certain online poker site (for any reason whatsoever) then my advice is to immediately withdraw all your funds and never play there again.

Lastly, if you want to know how to consistently make $1000+ per month playing low stakes poker, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Let me know in the comments below if you think online poker is rigged or not.

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  1. You are providing logical reasoning. But lots of people just prefer to think poker is rigged to find an excuse for their bad play. It's not logic. Moreover lots of people don't understand the concept of variance and distance at all. Especially if they play one table. They can be "unlucky" for years and years with their number of hands.

    1. I agree. Also, poker is a very emotional game. It is easy to get caught up in that. I know I have countless times.

    2. At low stakes cash game,rng seems to programmed somehow to increase palyer's cash deposit. Co'z most allin often favor higher stakes holder at almost all online pokersite.

  2. Oh - and one more funny thing. Somehow nobody complains that it's rigged when it's THEM who beats poker aces with a lucky river. Although it's absolutely the same situation, but no-one cries about it. It's only rigged when some John beats you. When you do it to John, it's fine! ;)))

    1. Iam not sure if iam sending to you

  3. Haha, i think it happens to all of us when we get a terrible bad beat, but after calm down you know its al mathematics and not rigged poker sites.. Great as always Nathan. Could u make an article about how to beat semi-loose aggressive and rocks player? Or there is one already? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Thanks Agarroz!

      Yes, I have written articles about this before.

      How to beat loose/aggressive players:

      How to beat tight players/rocks:

    2. I don't think online poker is rigged at all but I have concerns about not exactly being rigged but something off about the RNG system they use. Now I have won more than lost on the site but I never seen so many strong hands than on that site. A royal flush and quads back to back. I did some reading about the site and from what i read is that it's not necessarily rigged but set to generate action. I was just wondering any thoughts or experience with this site

  4. Why would a poker site be rigged when it makes millions of dollars ??? Whether they are or not is nearly impossible to prove. But, as usual in this world greed is the biggest reason with little regulation of poker sites that it could happen.

    All you have to do is look at the regulated stock exchange in America...Does Enron, Br-X, World.Com, Holliger, Bernie Madoff ring any bells of corruption ???
    What about Volkswagon, all billion dollars companies that chose to rip off the general public.....

    I have played millions of hands on Poker Stars and have seen more unbelievable things happen than I would want to believe is possible....

    Would I believe Poker Sites are on the up and up and far from doing something that is not ethical, I sure wouldn't bet the house on it.....

    1. Absolutely right. I have played around 1.7 million hands on Stars and am sure it is rigged. However, I know enough about statistics to realise that I am nowhere near significance to actually prove it, so I continue to play and accumulate hands on micro stakes. Would I deposit a serious amount of money and play higher stakes? Absolutely no way ...

      Just want to counter one of Blackrain's main points, I.e. Why would Stars rig it?? Greed as you said: look at it this way, in cash games they don't rake unless the pot exceeds a certain amount. The more the pot is, the bigger their rake. You REALLYSTARS believe they will NOT rig for action .... It is human nature and it is also completely trivial programming. Furthermore, they know that it is extremely difficult to PROVE statistically on any one players hand history, and close to ZERO players will actually have the will to do it, and EVEN if one or two have actually got there, do you suppose they wouldn't buy their silence??? As for tournaments, the same software that runs the cash games runs the tourneys; these sorts of people are too greedy and lazy to go to additional effort and produce separate programmes! In this case, the benefit for Stars is that the tourney finishes quicker so they don't have the cost of hosting it, any "house players" or bots they have (can you say with certainty that they don't Blackrain's??) will make more cash, and us poor suckers who got knocked out may be tempted to buy Ito another tourney where we will be raped by stars once again - MY BAD, I should have said RAKED ....

      If they actually wanted to prove the game was fair it would be completely trivial to do - if they can't see how and are reading this, let me know and I will educate you. They just don't WANT to make it transparently fair because that would cut into their 887 million dollar profit ....

    2. I cant prove you wrong,but as a mainly live player with thousand of hours at the casinos,I guarantee you that bad beats,setups and one outers are quite common in an unrigged live game as online.There have been weeks (9hours of play/day) that no matter what I have,I always get felted at the river.Live mtts as well,final table 3 handed,I have aces vs aces vs JJ.Jacks busted both of us turning a straight.Or Aces Vs Aces getting freerolled one 4 card flushed.Or whatever.
      Unless you are a team pokerstars pro,why would stars would benefit you or me against the average player next door?

    3. you don't believe me ? ok then try to answer to this fair question :
      Why in online Poker the BOARD is not distributed all TOGETHER with the players hole cards AND KEEP THEM COVERED AND REGISTERED (tourney/date /hour/sec/microsec ) before any players get ANY ACTION AND to BE CONSULTABLE VIA REPLAYERS (HAND HISTORY) by anyone?
      Answer : because this kind of game play will ensure guaranteed the emerging patterns and setups which game has been exposed in order to maintain its growth rate and survivability as a business model based to protect the income ( new players) and its fastened in game play.

  5. Bit off topic here Nathan, but if you don't stop posting pictures of all the great views you get when playing poker where you do, I'm going to start posting pictures of me playing whilst overlooking the local Gasworks, or car wash, or - well, you get the message! ;-)

    1. Haha. The biggest reason I use these pictures is because I can quickly embed them from my Instagram and no copyright issues because I took the pictures :)

    2. The reason you took the picture is to try and make ppl believe they to like that.all they need to do is to keep studying and keep depositing their money into those rigged poker sites they are all a scam.anybody who plays live poker should know that without question.....stay away from all online sites.

    3. @Unknown - Nail on the head sir. Exact first thought that popped into my mind when I saw that.

  6. Yup, I have to agree. The big sites have basically got a licence to print money - so why would they risk that in order to favour one NL2 player over another? Or to make a 1c/2c pot big enough to rake? It makes no sense. Like most people I have sometimes felt emotionally that my Aces were losing too often; but despite this my stats always showed that AA was providing about two-thirds of my profit!

  7. I am just here for the nuh-uh-it's-rigged comments. Anonymous and Angry sturgeon have us off to a riveting start.

    1. Haha if the comment section on my "Is PokerStars Rigged" post is anything to go by, check back here in a few weeks, it should be legendary!

    2. Jason:
      You obviously don't believe a Poker site could be corrupt and cheat.
      Are they regulated by some gambling commission or rules set by a country in what they can or cannot do in the gambling world ??????

      For example why would these companies that were regulated cheat the general public for billions of dollars ????

      Volkswagon's net worth is about $275B and they didn't seem to worried to use software to manipulate their air emissions tests which is regulated in the car industry......

      What about Bernie Madoff---managed to convince his investors that he could never lose money in the stock market, even in 2008 when the market was crashing his funds were increasing till his investors started cashing out. Billions of dollars somehow disappeared ....

      What about Enron with their fancy accounting practices????
      A lot of value on the books but no real value in business operations--how many billions were lost there ????

      Or Bre-X, salting their values on their gold prospects which contained no gold at all---about 6 Billion disappeared there.

      Absolute poker, Ultimate poker, Full Tilt poker ring no warning bells to anyone anymore..... Play small and enjoy the time that you play but don't be so sure that everything is perfect and no corruption exists in the virtual world of poker on line .....

    3. Bless your heart! Enjoy ranting on the internet.

  8. The problem is that players dont know what to look for. Ironic that poker players look for tells. Poker players dont look for tells from the poker site - only tells from the players. Bottom line is that a poker site, any and every poker site, is a business. they make money, not from full tables, but from deposits. the more deposits being made, the more tables will be full. So, how do these poker sites get you to make deposits? Promotions, 100% match deposit, etc...Think for a moment. How do other businesses - big business - get new clients. Advertising. So why dont Online casinos do more advertising? Advertising cost money. What is the cheapest form of advertising? Word of mouth. If you run good, most likely you will tell your friends how easy it is... I have noticed, and done hand history studies on my own play, that I lose more blinds to certain accounts. At first I didnt know if I was playing bad or if all the players were just better than me. After looking and reviewing over 350,000 hands I found a pattern. I know, before you say it, 350,000 hands isnt a large enough sample size. For me, that last statement, is an easy out. So I dug deeper. I found that the players that I lost to the most all had one thing in common. They were all new accounts. 6 months old or newer. I dug deeper. I looked at my first 6 months hand history and compared them to the next 2 years worth of history. During my first 6 months of playing on ACR i got a pocket pair every once every 14.5 hands. The statistical average is once every 17 hands. From months 7 to months 30 I got a pocket pair once every 20 hands. The first 6 months I played on ACR I got my 20% starting range 23% of my hands. From months 7 to 30 on ACR i got my 20% starting range of hands (VPIP) only 17% of the time. I know. 2 or 3 percent isnt that big a deal. But poker is all about the math. Casinos in vegas make billions taking a 1 to 2% edge...and those casinos are regulated. Are online casinos regulated? I dont know. To me its a challenge and I will continue to play. However I will continue to play more aware of who I am getting envolved with every hand I choose to play. Good luck.

    1. Id worry more about some notorius bot rings infesting ACR than cheating RNG.ACR is unregulated as far as I know,as with all poker sites that accept americans Thats why i only play on Stars,Party and 888.Also,theory of chance to be dealt a pair,is backed by an insane number of simulations,not by less than a million events.Just check how many hands equilab simates to produce hand vs range equity.

    2. I got ya. My theory though is not just based on ACR stats. I have played over 2 million hands online at different poker sites. On the other poker sites I ran the same filters on all my hands. The statistics on those other other five poker sites were MUCH closer to the statistical average. only obve or under by half a percent.

  9. Your article doesn't actually do a lot to dispel the view that online poker is rigged. In fact, if anything, it simply shows how difficult it would be for a recreational player to prove that the site was manipulating the RNG. It is very unlikely that a casual player would have the necessary number of hand histories to find anything meaningful, let alone the ability to analyse the data even if they did.
    Also, you draw a very dubious conclusion from your observation that PokerStars' profit has increased from year to year. Increased profits for PokerStars on a year to year basis does not prove that online poker isn't in decline Nathan. It simply means that PokerStars is earning more revenue. Every winning player I speak to says that their earnings from PokerStars has decreased over the last 5 years and this is only partly due to the increase in skill level of the average rec.
    If you were able to examine PokerStars revenue you would discover that more profits are coming from fewer players, and from areas other than online poker. This is a trend that will continue if PokerStars current business plan is carried through to conclusion. Their goal is to reduce the number of winning players that are taking money from the pool of recreational players and direct that money towards the bottom line of the PokerStars balance sheet. There are ways to do that that don't involve manipulation of the RNG.
    I think a balanced article should expose more of the unethical practices that have occurred by site operators and maybe take the time to explain some of the cognitive biases that inexperienced (and many experienced) players fall victim to rather than make fun of the players who are baffled and feel cheated by bad beats and normal variance.

    1. Winninngs from stars have decreased due to higher rake, an excuse of a rakeback,the eliminatoon of supernova status and the fact that players are getting better or tighter on average.Accept that we dont live in 2008 anymore,and do what you have to do.

    2. The issue is that it is NOT normal variance .... Yes, if we take a 50:50 flip we expect to lose on average half the time. We even expect we might lose a few times in a row. What I cannot believe is "normal variance" is my current run of underpair v AK flips: lost 27 in a row, won 1, lost 25 in a row, won 3, lost 19 in a row, won 1, lost 20 in a row, won 2. And I have had MUCH worse than that. What I have NEVER had is WIN 27 in a row, lose 1 etc. To "balance things out". No, THAT sh it never happens .... I mean come on Stars, the other one has bells on it

    3. Jimmy that's what I'm saying. Blackrain suggests in the article that PokerStars' increased revenue means that online poker is not on a downward trend. However I'm saying the increased revenue is due to higher rake, the canning of the SNE program, the measures being taken to prevent bum hunting, and anything else they can do to divert the flow of money from winning players' accounts to PokerStars bottom line.
      PokerStars has recently been buying sports books and are investing in other ares of online gambling because they realise that future revenue from poker will be down.

  10. Online poker is definitely not rigged. Have played 1000's of hands and found distribution of hands, wins, losses, bad beats, suck outs, etc very similar to live poker. However online is SO impersonal, the boredom factor is through the roof. So I won't play online. Much more of a game at the casino

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. All online poker sites including the free ones are rigged and its blatantly obvious. It's funny how dum dums like you who either don't play online or are just too stupid to comprehend what's happening feel the need to defend these corrupt sites and discredit the people in the know. You must be naive to think poker sites won't do anything they can to maximize profits. Wake up! Lol

    2. You know you just might be on to something there

  12. Hey Nathan - couple comments -

    The only way to actually PROVE any site is 'rigged' is to have viewable access to the sites RNG shuffling algorithm. Any anecdotal evidence is just poker variance

    Some results may make a person wonder if - a sites shuffling algorithm isn't really a true - random number generator

    Some may make a person think the shuffling algorithm registers the hole cards of the players continuing in the hand, and weights the future community cards to coordinate - somehow - with the remaining players hole cards, to cause the players to think they should give action, or to bust out best hands

    Some anecdotal hands

    I'm dealt pocket Qs on the button - utg+1 3x raises, CO calls, I 3-bet, utg+1 and CO call
    Flop comes Q44. UTG shoves, CO calls, of course - I call - I just flopped a boat
    Turn A
    River 4
    CO flips over A/K suited
    UTG flips over Q/4 off
    What the heck - Q/4 off from utg+1?

    Odd how coordinated the community cards are to the remaining players hands


    I'm dealt Ad/Kh in MP. I 4x raise, BTN jams, I call
    BTN flips over Ah/Kd
    board runs out h,h.h,d,h
    What the heck? lol

    Odd how coordinated the community cards are to the remaining players hands


    I'm dealt pocket Ks in MP. diamonds and spades. I raise it up 5x
    BB jams - I call
    BB flips over Jh/7c
    Board runs out c,h,c,c,c
    What the heck?

    This is just a suck out plain and simple - but how often does a board of all one suit roll off? Seems to happen about every 4-6th hand


    And finally one where I was the villain, because I had 6x effective stack compared to the other player
    Final table - everyone is playing quite tight, fit or fold, 7 players remaining
    I 4x raise from EP with A/9 suited
    SB re-raises 4x. He probably has a monster, but I'm playing loose here with a big stack - play opposite of the opponents right? Anyway -
    Flop is A,Q,9. I just flopped top two - nice
    SB jams for about 40k, I have him covered so I call
    SB turns over pocket Qs
    Turn is X
    River is Ace
    Dang!! I finally sucked out on someone - with the worst hand. So this is what it feels like to be the one holding worst hand and winning on the river

    Odd how coordinated the community cards are to the remaining players hands

    Those four hands are just a tiny example of hands that could make a person think the random number generator - that is supposed to be randomly generating numbers every hand - might be manipulated to "weight" future community cards to be coordinated with the hole cards of the players who have elected to continue beyond pre-flop.

    Additionally - the high number of times a board of 4 cards all the same suit rolls off, or the VERY common 9,T,J,Q,x rolls out seems to be extremely high. Just - how often does that happen in your games? Seems to happen about every 4-6th hand in the events I'm in

    I'm not saying this is proof - the only way to prove anything is to be able to view the shuffling algorithm. If poker sites provided viewable code to the shuffling algorithm - then they could just point to that whenever anyone claimed anything is rigged

    Almost Lastly - the micros are breeding grounds for shove-monkey maniacs - so their will always be be more pre-flop shoves when people think they have best hand - or think they can suck out - and naturally (variance) suck outs happen when the best hand calls a pre-flop shove and inevitably looses by the river, especially multi-way

    On a slightly related side note - on one particular site I have noticed the subliminal PUSH towards zoom/zone, jackpot, turbo games
    It seems like the regular / normal games are slowed down so much (30 seconds is actually closer to 40 seconds to make a play) to steer impatient players towards the faster games
    The logic here is - the more hands the players play the more money the site rakes in, the more transactions per hour the more money the site is making. Not necessarily 'rigged' but micro-manipulation might be a better 'feeling' description of this tactic

  13. I also forgot to mention - I was dealt pocket Aces twice in a row about two weeks ago - I don't know the probability of that happening - but it was quite awesome, and unbelievable as I sat there.
    First hand everyone folded to my 4x pre-flop raise, I picked up the blinds. Second hand player with A/Q shoved pre and I busted him out of the event.


    I don't even care about the stats to be prefectly honest. Having seen the same thing happening OVER AND OVER playing online for 4 years straight says enough.


    This goes in EVERY ROOM I HAVE PLAYED IN to having players cycle the winnings back into the big money stream to rake.

  15. I’m curious to see if any of the people claiming it’s rigged, win at online poker or are you just mad cause you lose? Poker would be a zero sum game without rake. That means there are losers to this game. Yes the sites will always make profits but it is possible to win regardless of take to a point. So my question is, if your one of the people bitching about sites being rigged? Do you play and how often do you deposit? Have you tried to study poker? Are you winning in live poker? Just cause you have an idea in your head that it’s rigged cause you played a hand poorly or got sucked out on. That is not proof.

  16. You are definitively wrong in your assumption that rigging poker rooms won't be enormously profitable for poker softwares. I am not saying this is the case or this is the reason i am not a profitable player, but please consider the following: rigging poker games could probably multiply room's revenues by 3 or 4. Here is why:

    On one imaginary poker site, there are 100 players. Only 10 of those players are good pokerplayers.
    If the site is not rigged, the 90 other players will continually lose their money to the good players. And then the good players withdraw all the money. The money is not moving on the site, it is out. it doesn't move from one player to another anymore.
    Most of the loosing players will quickly give up, and lose hope of making any money.

    But if you rig the site, there will be no more real good players. Only average players. Good players will suffer bad beats, which will force their money back toward the bad players. So the money will keep moving. Bad players will feel they can win and keep playing. In the long run, they will not make any money but the loss will be much more slow for them. They will keep chasing. Money won't be pulled out of the poker sites by winning players. It will only go from one player to another, ultimately all the money will be collected in rake and never leave the site.

    This could easily triple their revenues. The more i think about it the more it makes sense

  17. You're lying! I know it,you know it, & anybody with half a brain knows it!

  18. cheating fukin cocksuckers. im i the big blind with 4 K off, dont evenw ant to get involved with such a shyt hand. but i had to play it. flop is k 4 A rainbow, in an unraised 3way pot. i lead out in first position i bet 17900, guy calls . turn 9. i go allin for 80 k . he calls for 45 k. he shows 88. river 8. wins almost 200k in chips. cripples my stack. was a 1$ 400 gurenteed and im tryin to win . so he laughs at me. and the table laughs., then im freaking out, and pickup AK clubs. i go allin for 40k in middle posiition, around to big blind guy has 2 q off. he had 500k in chips. he calls. flops 222.. river Q. boat. like wtf. i have a thousand stories like this. ive had a few 400 wins and have had accoutns up to 700. but for some reason when i hit that. i dump all off it back. plan on just betting mma fights, and playing live poker only. they are rigging the fuk outta games whenever they want. so sickening

    1. Cool story bro I am dreaming of such calls late stage in a torunament by fishes but they keep playing mostly strong hands and mostly not spazzing like this

  19. This whole article seems like it was written by a REP of America's Card Room. It's non sense. Poker bots are very prevalent at low stakes tables online, and i know the writer knows this, but he's supporting his argument by spewing lies, and half truths. Saying that (kind of) cheating happens as much live as it does online is absolute, again, non sense. Saying that Unregulated Poker sites located in Russia, and on tiny islands have NO interest in developing a rigged RNG shuffling system to make more money is unknowable. How do you know? OH, because it's not in their interest, sure. And they can't just go under switch their name, and be back up the next day if they get exposed. I've Sharkscoped many, many, many low stakes cash game players online, and a great majority of them have lost multiple thousands of dollars which is probably "normal" for poker players, but do you want to lose that money playing VS some Russian Bot , or player you suspect is really cheating you, or live where you can see at least see the people, and dealer you are playing? It's your choice. For me, i'll never play online poker ever again (for real money). I don't need to go down 8 thousand dollars getting my aces cracked over, and over again by jack 4 off suit in the strangest most unrealistic shoves possible to know something is definitely rigged about online poker.