Is PokerBros Rigged? Here are the Facts [2024]

Is PokerBros Rigged?
PokerBros is a new mobile poker app that has quickly gained a lot of popularity since it was first launched in 2019. It is now attracting players and clubs from all over the world including America.

And this is because PokerBros is easy to start playing poker on, has many fresh customizable display options, and tons of action across many different types of poker games.

However, every time there is a new online poker app or poker site that gains a lot of popularity like PokerBros, there is an inevitable surge in people who think it is rigged.

In fact, you can literally search on Google for any poker room, both online or live, in the history of poker rooms, and you will find plenty of people who think it is rigged for action. Or it is rigged against them in particular.

In fact I just made a video about this just last week, why online poker seems to have so many bad beats.

So in this article I am going to examine if the popular mobile poker app PokerBros is rigged for action in any way.

Is PokerBros legit? Let's find out!

Is PokerBros Rigged For Action?

So like I already mentioned, anytime a new poker site or poker room comes on the market, it is only a matter of time before some people start claiming that it is rigged.

And this is because most people do not really understand the real nature of variance in poker. Variance by the way is the technical term that we use to describe the natural ups and downs of the game.

So for example, somebody will lose with their pocket aces 5 times in a row (the best starting hand in Hold'em), and immediately claim that the site, PokerBros in this case, is rigged against them.

The problem though is that it is totally within the bounds of mathematical probability that you will lose with pocket aces 5 times in a row or even 15 times in a row.

As somebody who has played 10 million+ hands of poker as a decade long poker pro, believe me, I have seen far worse than this before.

But many newer players are simply not prepared for this level of variance which is built into the game of poker.

By the way, if you are new to poker here are my top 5 best poker games to play.

So, I typically suggest playing at least 100,000 hands before you come to any conclusions about your results on PokerBros or where ever you choose to play poker.

The problem with this though is that it might take a normal person an entire calendar year to play this many hands, or even longer if they play live.

So this is why the calls that an online mobile poker app (or any poker room) is rigged for action will literally never cease.

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The PokerBros Random Number Generator (RNG) is Independently Audited

Now, as with all online poker sites, or mobile poker apps in this case, the PokerBros random number generator (the dealer essentially) has been independently audited and holds a Gaming Labs Certificate of Integrity.

Now this of course does not guarantee that irregularities in the PokerBros RNG are not possible but it does mean that they have been vetted by a trusted third party.

The other factor at play here, as it is with all popular online poker rooms, poker apps or live poker rooms, is that they are typically making a killing off of the rake and other promotions already.

As I have discussed many times, the poker rooms are always by far the biggest winners in poker. If you actually want to get rich from poker, you should consider starting a card room.

I have talked about how much money you can make from poker many times on this blog before. But the owners of the poker room, always make much, much more than the players.

So, with extremely popular poker sites like PokerBros this creates a huge disincentive for them to rig their deal for action.

Because in the world of poker, your reputation is literally everything. And if it were ever proven that PokerBros was indeed rigged for action, it would spread like wildfire in the poker community and destroy their business very quickly.

Since PokerBros is already making an enormous amount of money through their rake and other promotions already, they literally have every incentive possible to protect the integrity of their games.

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Is PokerBros Rigged?
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There is No Evidence That PokerBros is Rigged

And this brings me to the crucial point which is that despite the fact that many people continue to claim that PokerBros is rigged, there is no actual evidence to support this assertion.

In fact, this is extremely common every time a discussion comes up about any online poker site or poker room being rigged.

There is no smoking gun evidence. There is nothing that is even remotely close to being statistically significant.

Instead, it's a bunch of bad beat stories based on extremely short term results of a few sessions or even a few weeks. 

I often find that these stories mostly come from amateurs as well who really need to work on improving their poker game.

But any professional poker player, or anyone familiar with the very basics of poker statistics and standard deviation already knows that a few sessions or even a few weeks of play are literally meaningless.

And this is the core issue. There is no statistically valid data or analysis that has ever been presented to show any kind of wide scale irregularities in the PokerBros RNG.

There are tons of good poker software tools by the way that are widely available these days to quickly analyze the data and provide the proof (if it exists). But nobody has shown this.

Therefore, until somebody comes forward with some real evidence to prove the case (not just bad beat stories), we have to conclude that PokerBros is not rigged.

Why Do People Consistently Think Poker Sites Are Rigged? (Even When There is No Evidence)

But as I already mentioned, it doesn't matter what I say here.

From my 15+ years in this game, I have learned that there is a certain segment of the poker playing population that will always be convinced that whatever site they are playing on currently is rigged against them.

And this is even when there is absolutely no statistically significant evidence to support their claims.

The reasons why this sort of irrational thinking persists are numerous. As already mentioned, most poker players simply do not understand the real nature of variance at all.

But beyond this, I have noticed that the calls about online poker sites and mobile apps like PokerBros being rigged are always higher than their brick and mortar counterparts.

And the reason for this is the speed of the action when you are playing online. This is something that Daniel Negreanu talks about in his new Masterclass poker training program.

Since online poker rooms and apps like PokerBros don't have to wait for a real human being to shuffle the cards, cut the cards, count the chips, and deal each individual card, they can get through hands much, much faster.

In fact, the typical deal in online poker is 3 times as fast as in a traditional casino. And if you are playing a fast fold format like Zoom poker, it can be as much as 10 times as fast.

This is simply going to produce bad beats and coolers at a much quicker pace than many people are used to and they will therefore immediately believe it is rigged against them.

There isn't really anything you can do about this. For the younger generations like myself who were raised primarily on online poker, this isn't as much of a challenge.

But for anyone coming from a live poker background, this can be a serious hurdle to overcome, because they are used to a much slower game and a much slower pace of action.

When you play online on a poker app like PokerBros the action is fast and furious and this means you will see a lot more bad beats, "setups," "suckouts," coolers and the like in a shorter period of time.

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Does PokerBros Have Bots?

Something people also ask me about quite a bit is bots on PokerBros. I have actually discussed the use of bots on PokerStars before on this blog as well.

A poker "bot", if you don't know, is an automated computer program that essentially plays poker for you. The benefit of using a poker bot is that it never gets tired or tilts like a human, and if programmed correctly, can beat low stakes players.

The main drawback of using a poker bot? It's cheating!

So the good news though is that poker bots are against the terms and conditions of pretty much every single major online poker site or poker app out there including PokerBros.

In fact, most major online poker rooms employ a dedicated group of tech staff specifically to find any bots on their site. Once found, the poker bot users will be banned forever and any money in their account will also be confiscated and distributed back to the victims.

Regarding bots on PokerBros, there has been no confirmed evidence at this point that there is any widespread use of bots on PokerBros.

However, as long as there is money on the line in anything in life, people will be trying to cheat. After all, humans like to cheat at the stock market, rig elections and on and on.

So of course there will always be people who will try to run a bot on PokerBros or any other major online poker site for that matter. But in most cases they eventually will be caught and banned.

This is yet another reason why I suggest using a good free poker HUD program. Because it will make it easier for you to spot any potential irregularities, and also get quality reads on your opponents.

Can You Cheat on PokerBros?

Lastly, what about cheating on PokerBros? Is it a big concern?

Well firstly, if somebody really wants to cheat at online poker then they could attempt it at any online poker site or on any online mobile app.

But the biggest reason why there is often not much cheating going on is because online poker sites and apps will quickly ban your account and confiscate the funds of cheaters.

They also employ staff who use specialized software to check for anomalous patterns of play that appear to be like cheating.

So can we say for sure that there isn't any widespread cheating going on at PokerBros? No, definitely not. But most online poker sites take cheating very seriously and have very harsh penalties for those who are caught. 

Final Thoughts

So is PokerBros rigged for action? Has PokerBros fixed it's random number generator to give you more bad beats and suckouts right before the final table?

Probably not.

The biggest reason, as usual, is that there is no actual evidence to support this claim. There are lots of bad beat stories and wild conspiracy theories, but no statistically valid data to support their claims.

As I discuss in Crushing the Microstakes, most people lose at poker because they fail to understand just how long the long run is, which leads to tilt and poor decision making.

I have also noticed again and again that most of the people who think that online poker is rigged are also some of the weakest players. Or in other words, they play very poorly, and this is the real reason why they continue to lose at poker.

The only way to succeed at poker over the long term is to approach the game like a professional does and employ the same solid tight and aggressive (TAG) strategy day in and day out, no matter what your current results may be.

PokerBros is one of the most successful mobile poker apps in recent years, and it has revolutionized the industry in many ways.

So they have a direct disincentive to keep the integrity of their games intact. Also, their RNG has been audited by a trusted third party, which is the case with any mainstream popular poker site or poker app these days.

Do I think PokerBros is legit? Do I think you should play on PokerBros?

Well, if you are a regular reader of mine, then you already know that I don't support or recommend any poker rooms on this website.

I will leave that to the all the "experts" out there.

However, in the absence of any statistically significant evidence to support the claims that PokerBros is rigged, I would have to say that it is legit and not rigged for action.

Lastly, if you want to know the complete strategy that I used to create some of the highest winnings in online poker history at the lower limits, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Is PokerBros Rigged?