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Best poker courses
People ask me all the time what are the best poker courses. And I know it can be difficult with so many options out there these days.

Also, many poker courses are aimed at different skill levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. As a 10+ year poker pro I have studied many poker courses over the years to improve my own skills at the poker table.

Many of my poker pro friends have also used these same poker courses to push their game to new levels and continue winning big.

So in this article I am going to give you a complete breakdown of the best poker courses.

Best Poker Courses - The NL2 Mastery Course (Beginner)

There actually aren't that many poker courses available these days that are aimed specifically at beginners. 

Most of the poker courses that I will discuss below include advanced topics like range analysis, bluff/raising and GTO theory.

None of this is anything that a complete beginner playing NL2 online (1 cent / 2 cent blinds) or $1/$2 games in a casino needs to know.

And so this is why the best poker course for beginners is one of the few poker courses aimed directly at total beginners, The NL2 Mastery Course.

I know this poker course very well because I made it! The NL2 Mastery Course consists of 6+ hours of live play video of me personally showing you how to crush the lowest stakes games.

best poker courses blackrain79 nl2 mastery course

And the key strength of this poker course is that I (as the creator of this course) am well known as having some of the best results in online poker history in these games, tens of thousands in winnings.

So you know that you are learning from the very best. I have created the most profitable strategies in history for this game specifically (NL2), and you get to essentially look over my shoulder and watch me show you them in action.

The NL2 Mastery Course was recorded entirely on PokerStars and I play 6-max, full ring and Zoom. There are 9 videos in total, each of which is around 45 minutes.

Here is a sneak peek video from the Zoom section.

There is also plenty of bonus material included in the course including my hugely popular Starting Hand Chart Manual. This guide tells you exactly which hands to play from every position at the poker table.

You also get my free Zoom Poker Strategy Guide completely free ($50 value). If you struggle with Zoom style games, this is the step by step guide you need.

Both of these come with The NL2 Mastery Course, 100% free.

There is no other poker course ever created for how to beat the lowest stakes poker games that even compares. I have some of the best results in the history of online poker in these games and have also written 3 books on how to beat them.

I should mention that low stakes live poker players will probably also find this poker course helpful (especially if you play $1/$2 games). This poker course is also great if you play Zoom or in soft higher stakes games online like NL5.

Lastly, The NL2 Mastery Course also comes with the option to get my best selling poker book, Crushing the Microstakes, which has now helped thousands of people drastically improve their results in low stakes poker games.

The bottom line is that if you are a poker beginner still struggling to find out how to win consistently, this is the poker course for you.

To enroll in The NL2 Mastery Course right now, click here.

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Best Poker Courses - BlackRain79 Elite Poker University (Intermediate/Advanced)

People have been asking me for something a little bit more advanced for many years though.

And so I just released my brand new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University.

This includes 17 hours of advanced poker video lessons, hundreds of step by step example hands and "cheat sheets."

This course is so massive that I decided to create a complete walkthrough video to show you everything that is included.

In a nutshell, BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is all about giving you the practical proven strategies to get you confidently beating your poker games, right away.

For Example Here's What You'll Learn...

  • What to do when you have AK, the flop comes 865, and an aggressive player raises you
  • How much to bet, raise and re-raise Preflop and on the Flop, Turn and River
  • How to play Suited Connectors like 98 when you totally miss the flop
  • When to bluff on the Turn versus a passive opponent
  • How to read aggressive players and make big profitable calls versus them on the River
  • How to over-bet shove All-In on the river as a bluff versus tight regular opponents
  • How to play your KK optimally when the flop comes A74♠
  • Downloadable "cheat sheets" showing you exactly what hands to play in all situations
And so much more.

Covering cash games, tournaments, Zoom, 6max, live poker, online poker and more, this is the most comprehensive advanced poker training program available today.

Unlike many of the other poker courses in this article, there is very little use of complex math, GTO or solver analysis in BlackRain79 Elite Poker University.

It only includes the proven poker strategies that you need to know in order to start quickly getting real results for yourself at the poker table.

No stone is left unturned as I show you how to maximize your winnings in all situations, versus all 5 major players types.

This includes: 

1) Loose
2) Aggressive
3) Crazy
4) Tight
5) Fishy

If you struggle versus any of these player types, I show you exactly how to play optimally versus each one.

In my Elite Poker University advanced training I give you the specific strategies that you need to know to crush each of these common players that you will face in your poker games.

I walk you step by step through the most basic strategies for beginners all the way to elite world class strategies to beat high stakes games such as check/raising the river.

I also included two massive bonus video sections at the end specifically for Zoom poker strategy and Tournament poker strategy.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Tournaments

You will learn the top strategies that today's Zoom and Tournament pros are using to continue to get ahead and stay on top.

This includes how to dominate the Bubble and Final Table in tournaments and how to play optimally as a 10bb, 30bb or 50bb stack size in the mid and later stages.

And my top bluffing strategies to crush today's Zoom poker games online, including 3-bet and 4-bet bluffs specifically tailored for Zoom.

There is no better way to quickly improve your poker game today.

If you take poker very seriously, and you want to start achieving world class results in this game, then my Elite Poker University is for you.

Learn EXACTLY how to start crushing small and mid stakes poker games, play semi-pro or even full time pro. Use my proven elite poker strategies to start winning fast.

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Best Poker Courses - The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass (Intermediate)

Next on the list is The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass. Daniel Negreanu really needs no introduction in the world of poker. He is one of the winningest poker tournament players in history with over $40 million dollars in earnings.

Daniel is probably the most famous poker player on earth and he has inspired and influenced countless people to learn the game of poker.

So last year when he came out with a new MasterClass teaching all his poker strategy secrets, I was immediately all over it.

The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is comprised of 38 video lessons covering every topic imaginable for small and mid stakes poker games including:
  • Poker math and game theory
  • Bet sizing tricks to confuse your opponents
  • How to read their poker hand
  • The art of table talk
  • Picking up physical tells
  • Advanced tournament strategy
And tons more.

Here is my complete step by step video walkthrough guide of the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass on YouTube:

The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass also comes with a comprehensive 122 page course manual which takes you through every concept Daniel teaches you in even more detail.

Another strength of this poker training program is that Daniel personally walks you through some of the most famous televised poker hands in history that he played against other famous poker pros like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Daniel's insights into the live tells that he picks up, how he uses table talk to his advantage, and how to read somebody's poker hand is some of the best content I have ever seen on this.

Lastly, in this poker course you have unprecedented access to KidPoker himself. The "office hours" section of the course allows you to ask your poker questions personally to Daniel himself.

Overall, I think that anyone who has gotten beyond the basics in poker and is struggling to win consistently in small or mid stakes games will learn a lot from this course.

Now no, it is not quite as comprehensive as BlackRain79 Elite Poker University, but in other ways (such as live poker theory, picking up physical tells and so on), it is actually better.

Best poker courses daniel negreanu masterclass

The other thing is that you know you are learning how to win at poker from one of the very best poker players in history.

Daniel Negreanu's credentials in this game need no introduction. He has won more money at the poker tables than nearly any human being in history.

That's why anyone looking to take their poker game to an elite level should check out this new MasterClass poker course.

To enroll in the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass right now, click here.

Best Poker Courses - The Phil Ivey MasterClass (Intermediate)

Another brand new poker course that was just released is the Phil Ivey MasterClass.

With over $58 million dollars in winnings (online and live combined), Phil Ivey has more publicly documented winnings that any poker player in history.

This is also part of the reason why Ivey has already been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame despite the fact that his poker career is far from over.

Since Phil Ivey has never revealed any of his poker knowledge before, this is arguably the most exciting new poker course release.

Best poker courses phil ivey masterclass

In the Phil Ivey MasterClass he teaches you:
  • What hands to play in all situations
  • How to read someone's hand in both online poker and live poker
  • Elite poker bluffing strategy
  • Deep stacked poker strategy (best ever info on this in my opinion, great if you play Zoom)
  • The mental game of poker, how Ivey puts people on tilt
  • Optimal bet sizing for both tournaments and cash games
And tons more.

The Phil Ivey MasterClass is aimed at beginners on through to small stakes and mid stakes poker players, both live and online, cash games and tournaments.

If you are struggling to turn a profit in these games this is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the all-time greats and the winningest poker player in history.
Best poker courses phil ivey masterclass

Like the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass this poker course is mostly video content (downloadable for both iOS or Android) with Phil Ivey teaching you directly how to crush small and mid stakes poker games.

There is also a large course book that comes with this poker course as well as "Office Hours" where you can ask Phil Ivey your poker questions directly.

Lastly, Phil Ivey reviews many of his most famous million dollar bluffs in in this poker course and tells you exactly what he was thinking at each stage of the hand.

This includes famous poker hands against the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan and Doug Polk.

And yes this also includes (for the first time ever) Ivey's famous 5-bet all-in flop bluff with Queen high against Paul Jackson, which is the greatest bluff in poker history in my opinion.

Best poker courses phil ivey masterclass

To finally get inside the mind of Ivey a little bit when he is making some of these insane bluffs was probably my personal favorite part of this poker course.

Bottom line: If you are new to poker or struggling to get past breakeven in low to mid stakes tournaments or cash games, this is one of the absolute best poker courses to learn from.

To enroll in the Phil Ivey MasterClass right now, click here.

Final Thoughts

So what is the best poker course these days?

Well, it depends heavily on where your current poker skill level is at. There are poker courses for total beginners right on through to high stakes pros.

Crucially I think the most important thing in deciding which poker course is best for you is to make sure that you are learning from the very best.

That is why every single poker course listed in this article is taught by people who also have some of the best poker results in history for the games they are teaching.

Now it should be mentioned that no poker course on earth is going to magically allow you to replicate their results.

In order to truly improve your poker results you are going to have to study these poker courses, take notes, and most importantly, start implementing what you learn at the poker tables right away.

However, I hope that this list of the best poker courses helped you find out which training program is best for you.

If you want to know more about how I became a poker pro and 3-time best selling poker author, make sure you download a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.


Let me know in the comments below what you think the best poker course is. Have you tried any of the poker courses above?

Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you I may earn a commission if you choose to enroll in that poker course.

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