How to Crush the Covid Poker Games (Simple Strategy!)

How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games
My "office" while self-isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic.
The whole world has been turned upside down of late by the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19).

In fact, as of the time of this writing, the majority of people on earth are under some sort of stay at home or lockdown/quarantine order from various governments around the world.

And that includes me as well.

I am also currently in self isolation, hoping that all this chaos will end soon and we can resume some semblance of a normal life again!

But if there is one potential bright side to come out of all this madness, it is that the online poker games are arguably better right now than they've been in a decade or more.

In fact some are even calling it a mini "poker boom" going on right now.

With so many people suddenly sitting at home now, and unable to play poker at the casino (or work at their normal jobs), many have returned to an old hobby, online poker.

And what this means for you is lots of fish and lots of bad players picking up the game again. Which in turn means lots of opportunity for you!

In fact, many online poker sites have been posting record traffic numbers in recent weeks and the biggest tournament prize pools of all time.

Now I want to be very, very clear right off the top that poker is a very hard game to make consistent profit from. In fact, most people lose at poker in the long run.

And so I do not want anyone to think that poker is some sort of a "get rich quick scheme" or an answer to financial problems during these troubled times.

It simply isn't for the vast majority of people.

But with that disclaimer out of the way, I know that many of the people who read my blog regularly do take poker very seriously (some are even professionals).

So in these times of Coronavirus (Covid-19) chaos, I am going to break down my top 12 tips for how to crush these poker games and earn the maximum profit.

Let's get started!

1. Back to the Basics - How to Crush the Fishy Coronavirus Online Poker Games

First things first.

If you play at the micro stakes online, it's time to officially throw all that GTO (game theory optimal) poker strategy that you may have learned, right out the window.

There are tons and tons of fish who are returning to online poker right now.

And the best strategy to beat them is the exploitative poker strategy that I have been teaching on this blog, in my youtube poker videos, and in my poker books for years and years.

This means back to the basic bread and butter strategies required to beat low level thinking players. For example, isolating them over and over again in position, and then relentlessly value betting after the flop.

You need to be making the most stupidly obvious plays possible versus these types of players. You don't need to do anything fancy and you sure as heck don't need to be "balancing your ranges" versus them.

This is how I became a poker pro starting from $0 by the way as well, as I discuss in my latest video.

Basically, if the right play seems way too simple and obvious to you, please just go right ahead and do it anyways. Do not "trap" these players. Do not slow-play etc.

Very simple example:

You have AA on a J♣73 flop and the fish checks to you. Just bet a large amount. Do not get fancy. Same thing on the turn. Fish checks, you bet strong again.

Let's change the flop up a bit.

You have AA on a A♣73 flop. Top set, the nuts. The exact same principle applies. Just bet big. Do not get fancy!

Fish simply love to call, it's what they do. They will always find a reason to call you. Often it is just because they have convinced themselves that you must be "bluffing."

I have literally made a living for years in low stakes games just making the most stupidly obvious braindead plays possible against these types of players.

Please forget all that "advanced" theory that you may have learned during these Coronavirus games, and just take it right back to the basics.

Like I also mentioned, you want to be isolating the fish over and over again preflop in position as well.

This strategy not only gets you involved in tons of pots with weaker opponents, but the other reason why it is highly profitable, is because you are likely to put them on tilt.

And let's face it, a fish on tilt is literally like your personal ATM machine.

So once I locate the weaker players at the table, I am going to be raising them up in position when they limp, with a very wide range of hands including all the obvious stuff like AA, KK, AK but also stuff like:
  • T8
  • K9♣
  • 44
  • A3
I think you catch my drift. Basically anything remotely playable!

By the way, when I say "in position" this means when I am on the left of the bad player. I want to raise them up (isolate them) as often as possible because I will get to act last after the flop.

This is a statistically proven way to win the most money in poker. The person who has position in the hand will always have a massive advantage.

Also, when I say "raise them up" I am talking about when a weak player limps into the pot (just calls the blind).

I would recommend making it 4 big blinds to go in a situation like this. If there are two limpers, then make it 5 big blinds to go and so on.

Lastly, if you don't know what a "weaker player" is, I have written entire articles before about how to spot the fish at the poker tables.

2. Get Aggressive Preflop

So along with isolating the weaker players as much as possible when I have position on them, you also need to start getting more aggressive preflop.

This means 3-betting and even 4-betting light sometimes versus the weaker regs. A "reg" by the way is short for a regular player.

This is somebody who you play against every day. They take the game fairly seriously unlike the fish (i.e. they are there to win).

It doesn't mean they are good at poker though. Most regs at the micro stakes are beginner level players with a very limited poker skill-set and understanding of the game.

How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games

These players are easy to identify because your HUD will show you that they are folding to 3bets and 4bets far too often.
  • 3bet = A raise preflop and then a re-raise.
  • 4bet = A raise preflop, a re-raise, and then another re-raise.
When I am looking for weaker regs to 3bet or 4bet light, I am looking for a Fold to 3bet of 70% or higher on my HUD and a similarly higher Fold to 4bet percentage.

And the higher the better of course. For example, if I see somebody folding to 80% or 90% of 3bets I am going to attack these players relentlessly (yes, they still exist at the micros).

By the way, if you aren't able to use a HUD on the poker site that you play on, then you will just need to use your observation skills.
  • Do they appear to be folding too much when they have been 3bet or 4bet in the past?
  • Are they opening too many hands in late position trying to steal the blinds?
Ask yourself these questions and the weaker regs will be pretty easy to identify.

3. Get Aggressive Postflop

Along with getting more aggressive preflop, you also want to start getting more aggressive postflop in order to take advantage of both the fish and the weaker regs.

What I mean by this is:
  • Double barreling more often
  • Floating the flop
  • Bluffing the river
And so on.

You want to do this versus the weaker players who don't like to go to showdown very often. Once again, your HUD (if you use one), is your greatest asset here.

I have even written an entire article before just about how to use the WTSD% (went to showdown percentage) stat on your HUD to quickly identify the weak (bluffable) players.

In general, a WTSD% below 25 is a tight poker player who only goes to showdown with good hands. And somebody with a WTSD% above 25 is typically a looser poker player who goes to showdown with mediocre hands. Most recreational poker players will have a WTSD% of 30 or higher.

Micro Stakes Example Hand (using points #2 and #3 together)

Weak reg with a low WTSD% of 22 mini-raises from middle position and we have A4 on the button.

We 3-bet.

The weak reg calls.

The flop comes:


The weak reg checks.

We make a continuation bet.

The weak reg calls.

The turn comes:


The weak reg checks.

We decide to double barrel (bet again).

The weak reg calls.

The river comes:


The weak reg checks.

What should we do?

We should triple barrel (bet again).

We are certainly not betting for value here with our little pair of fours, this is most certainly a bluff.

The reason why this triple barrel play will likely work though is because a weak reg with a low WTSD% of 22 will often find a reason to fold here.

He will convince himself that we have a monster hand and he might even laydown something extremely strong like two pair.

The other crucial part of this hand is the board runout.

The queen on the turn and the king on the river are both unlikely to have improved his hand. In fact, if he called us on the flop with some sort of Tx hand for example, this is going to be a very, very scary runout for him.

So we can also use this very scary board runout to our advantage in order to make a weak player lay down a better hand.

Important Note: Please, please DO NOT use this strategy against recreational players or the multitude of other calling stations at the micro stakes. Because they will of course, just call you down! Only use this strategy against this specific weak/tight player type.

Go check out this article of mine for much more on how to identify and abuse the weak/tight players at the micro stakes.

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How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games
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4. Use the "One and Done" Flop Continuation Bet Strategy Versus the Fish

Now, as usual the postflop strategy that you want to use against the fish is going to be completely different than the one that you use against the regs.

As I just mentioned, most of the time the regs will enter the pot preflop with a raise, and so you want to call them with a strong range, but also 3bet them frequently as well, with both strong hands and speculative hands.

Versus the fish it's totally different though. This is because most of the time they will just limp into the pot preflop.

In fact, the classic fish will have HUD stats like this:
  • VPIP = 55
  • PFR = 6
In English, this means that they play about 55% of the hands that are dealt to them, and they only raise preflop with 6% though.

In other words, they love to limp, limp, limp!

Which is absolutely great because I love to raise, raise, raise them!

Now, a good portion of the time the fish will call your preflop isolation raise with a whole host of ridiculous hands, even while out of position.

Because that of course is what bad poker players do.

So the basic strategy here is just to make a flop CBet (continuation bet) on most boards and then if they call, just be done with the hand on the turn (assuming you have nothing).

A "continuation bet" by the way is when you raise preflop and then bet the flop. You are "continuing" the aggression on the flop.

This is a great strategy because it forces them to have a hand in order to call you. And so you often get plenty of folds, even when you have the worst hand (huge win for us!).

Now, there are only a few flops which I will not make a flop continuation bet on against a single fish (again, assuming that I have nothing at all).

These are flops like:


And we have something like A♣3♣. Or in other words, very poor equity.

We don't want to make a flop CBet on highly coordinated, wet flops like this with lots of middling cards, because they hit so many hands that the fish called with preflop.

Therefore, we won't get folds very often, so it is just not even worth making a continuation bet in the first place. But these flops are pretty rare. 

The vast majority of flops such as:


You want to be continuation betting versus the fish. And remember that our cards are largely irrelevant here, because we are just trying to make the fish fold.

If we hit the flop that's great, a bonus. But we will be making a flop continuation bet either way.

If they call you though and you have absolutely nothing, please just give up. The easiest way to light money on fire at the micro stakes is by trying to run a big multi-street bluff against a bad player.

Because they will just call you down with their bottom pair without even thinking!

You need to be patient versus all of the fish during the soft Coronavirus online poker games. For the most part you should just be using this simple "one and done" flop continuation bet strategy.

5. Stop Tilt Before It Even Begins

As I have mentioned many times before on this blog, the biggest reason why most people don't succeed at poker actually has nothing to do at with strategy.

Instead, they lose because they can't stop tilting when the cards turn against them.

And if you play at the micro stakes, which is full of bad players who love to chase every draw, you should expect more bad beats than normal.

Right now during the Coronavirus pandemic there are even more fish hitting the tables, so it should be no shock or surprise that they will draw out on you very often.

This is how the game of poker works, because poker is based on mathematics. It is very rare that somebody is drawing completely dead (no outs).

But it is also precisely because they play so bad at the micro stakes that you are able to win so much.

People are always shocked that I was able to make tens of thousands of dollars over the years in very low stakes poker games, while posting some of the highest winrates of all time.

And honestly, I am not gonna lie. It is actually pretty simple. It is because I was playing against some of the worst poker players on earth!

Now, of course I have endured countless bad beats. Far more than I could ever count. That goes without even saying. But that's why you can make so much money at these limits.

Bad poker players are your friend at the table. Yes, they can be frustrating to play against sometimes when they are hitting their river miracles against you.

But you absolutely must view poker from a long term perspective.

These players lose incredible amounts of money with their bad play over the long run, because eventually the math smacks them in the face for all their terrible calls.

So you need to stop the tilt before it even begins by understanding that you will receive an unfathomable amount of bad beats at these stakes.

It's absolutely going to happen to you. So when it does, why get mad about it?

6. Put in Your Study Time Away from the Tables

I have made no secret about it that one of my top ways to improve my poker game and consistently stay on top is to put in the hours away from the tables studying my opponents.

How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games
I spend countless hours studying my opponents in PokerTracker.
This is how I create the strategies to beat them before I ever even sit down to play against them.

Most people think a program like PokerTracker (which is what I use), is only good because of the HUD. This actually couldn't be further from the truth.

The most important part is actually the database of hands and the ability to filter for any situation and review poker hands. And this includes reviewing the poker hands and data you have on your opponents.

I show you how to do all that by the way step by step in this article.

This is how you get better at poker. By learning from your own mistakes and also by putting in more work than the next guy away from the tables to find the strategies to beat them.

If you really want to take your poker game to the next level, then I would suggest investing in a good poker tracking program like PokerTracker.

Use it to study and improve your game away from the tables. And also to create the strategies to beat your opponents before you even sit down to play against them.

Preparation = success.

7. Set a Stop Loss to Limit the Damage

But hey, believe me I get it.

No matter how strong willed you are, there is only so many bad beats and suckouts that most people can take within a short period of time.

So this is why it is important that you also set a stop loss.

A stop loss is essentially a promise to yourself that if you lose a certain amount, then you will quit. This prevents you from trying to win it all back while playing in your worst mental state.

That is what most people do, and that is exactly why they lose at poker.

So, for most people, I would recommend using a 3 buy-in stop loss (100 big blinds = 1 buy-in). If you lose 3 buy-ins, you quit.

That's it. No ifs, ands or buts. Game over. Turn the computer off (or at least the poker site).

If you are a more experienced player or a professional then I think a 5 buy-in stop loss is fine. Whatever amount you choose, just make it your mission to stop yourself from playing poker at your worst.

I have said it many times. One of the biggest keys to my poker success isn't that I am some sort of genius or can read your hand better or something.

No, it's that I don't let you play against me when I am in my worst mental state, tilted and frustrated. But most people let me play against them when they are at their worst.

See the difference?

Stop playing while on tilt and watch your poker winnings skyrocket. I have also written extensively before on how to control your tilt.

8. Put Them on Tilt

Now with that said, on the flip side, you absolutely should be doing everything in your power to put your opponents on tilt!

Why nobody ever talks about this is totally crazy to me.

In fact I have even written entire articles before on how to put people on tilt, including the step by step process to really piss them off.

Look, poker is psychological warfare. You would be absolutely crazy to NOT be using this strategy already. People make big mistakes when they are angry and frustrated with you.

How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games

So one of the best ways to put people on tilt is something I already mentioned above in point #2, and that is to get more aggressive preflop.

Raise up the fish in position when they limp, re-raise the weak regs in position when they open from middle or late position.

In a nutshell, just be a huge pain, or a "bully" as the recreational players like to call me.

Make people hate you. Make them think you are abusing them and out to get them. Do whatever it takes to get under their skin and to get them tilting towards you.

I normally pick one or two players every session who I have direct position on, and just absolutely raise or 3-bet the crap out of them every time they enter the pot.

Only the weaker players of course, I don't do this versus the (very few) smart and solid players at the micros. Because they can see right through it, or they will just change seats/table.

Anyways, this strategy usually gets the weaker players at the micros spazzing out very quickly and making all sorts of postflop mistakes against me.

People often ask me why they never get any action with their big hands. This is why!

There is an old saying in poker which is so unbelievably true: "You have to give action to get action."

This is something that all top level poker pros already know and understand. Daniel Negreanu actually talks about this at length in his MasterClass training program.

Trust me, you will never have any problem getting action with your AA again, when they view you as a complete and total maniac.

9. Shove All-In on Action Rivers Versus the Fish

Shoving action rivers versus the fish is one of my all-time most profitable strategies at the micros. In fact, I even devoted an entire section on how to do this in my book Crushing the Microstakes.

In short, this one strategy has made me countless amounts of money versus really bad poker players over the years.

And right now during Coronavirus times, there are more bad players trying their hand at poker than arguably ever before.

So what does shoving action rivers actually mean?

It means that when you have a huge hand like a full house for example, you go all-in when a river card comes that completes a very obvious straight or flush draw.

Why does this strategy work so well?

Because no poker fish has ever folded a flush or straight ever. They just don't do it!

Example Hand Shoving an Action River Card

You raise preflop with 66♣ and a huge fish calls you from the big blind.

The flop comes:


The fish checks and you bet.

The turn comes:


The fish checks and you bet again.

The river comes:


The fish checks.

What should you do?

You should shove all-in.

You should shove all-in on this river card for the massive overbet because there is a very good chance that the fish made a straight or a flush on this river card.

They will think you are bluffing and snap call you. Because as I mentioned, fish don't fold straights or flushes...ever.

Don't bet a normal amount here like everybody else. That is not smart.

Instead, make a massive overbet and get their entire stack. Plays like this are why I have some of the highest winrates of all time in these games.

And this is how smart poker players get ahead. They don't listen to the "standard play" advice from mediocre winners.

They challenge themselves to think a little bit deeper instead and ask themselves:

What is the great/optimal/most profitable play here? (not just the "good" or "standard" play). This is something that I literally wrote an entire book about.

If you think a little bit deeper about this hand and consider both your opponent's range, the player type and the board, you will realize that they will call BOTH a normal sized bet and a massive all-in overbet.

So why would you ever bet the former? Take a moment to think about the game on a bit deeper level and you will win far more.

10. Multi-Table, Grind, Beast Mode

Developing a superhuman work ethic and the ability to grind long hours is simply going to be a big part of your success.

I don't know any big winning poker players who haven't played some ungodly amount of hands. I have personally played well over 10 million hands of poker in my career.

Fish, recreational players, mediocre players and so on like to dabble with poker though. They play poker when they "feel like it." Whenever it fits their schedule.

Hardcore grinders think differently. They play all day every day, often mass multi-tabling online in order to beast mode their poker goals.

I have discussed many times on this blog before how I would often play as much as 10,000 hands a day when I was first coming up in online poker.

How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games

Poker was simply my entire life...for many, many years. I didn't do anything else.

It takes some people a month to even play that many hands. And that is because they aren't serious about the game. And therefore, they get mediocre results at best.

If you are serious about getting big-time results in poker, moving up, playing professionally and so on, then you need to start thinking about how to grind longer and play more hands.

And right now, when the games are arguably better than I have seen them in over a decade, is a very good time to put your hard hat on (pack a lunch), and start taking this poker thing seriously.

11. Play Multiple Sites and Multiple Formats

I know that in some areas in the world you are limited as to what sites you can play online poker on, America for instance.

But if you want to have the most game selection and play the most tables, then it is better to play on multiple sites at once.

There is no reason why you can't spread your bankroll across multiple cardrooms and therefore take advantage of the much bigger combined player pool.

I would also recommend learning multiple formats, both 6max and full ring for example. This is going to give you the best opportunity to pick and choose tables.

And therefore, find the tables with the softest games and the most fish.

Here, by the way is my:

Complete guide to 6max poker strategy.

Complete guide to full ring poker strategy.

Learn both games and profit more. This will be especially important once you move up the stakes as well where the player pool is drastically smaller.

If you want to thrive at mid stakes or high stakes online, then it is absolutely crucial that you are able to competently play both game types.

12. Take Your Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition Game Seriously

Now, if you are going to be sitting in a chair playing online poker all day during these bizarre Coronavirus times, your results are going to be far better if you are taking care of your mind, body and soul.

So this means making sure that you get enough sleep firstly. Go to bed at the same time every night in a dark cool room. Do whatever it takes to optimize your sleep game so that your poker game is better.

Secondly, you are going to need to be doing some sort of physical exercise to endure these long periods of sitting in a chair and grinding the online poker games.

Physical exercise also has the added benefit of making you feel better overall (especially about yourself), think more clearly, and get better sleep.

And it doesn't take much.

Maybe this is as little as 10 pushups or a few burpees a day if you are just starting out. Or 20 minutes on a stationary bike or a treadmill if you have one.

Just start getting active on a regular basis, no matter how little you are able to do at first.

And you can do all this easily from the comfort of your own home. There are countless YouTube videos on home workouts.

Lastly, proper nutrition is an absolute must and there really are no excuses right now when most of us are ordering all of our food anyways, or have all the time in the world to prepare healthy food.

Best Poker Strategy During the Coronavirus (Covid-19)
My typical breakfast
Stop ordering crap food, or buying junk groceries. Period. Only consume healthy food.

This might be the single greatest strategy you have to improve your mental state and ultimately your poker game during these troubled times.

You can also try intermittent fasting. 

This is something that I have been doing for many years. I typically don't eat my first meal of the day until mid afternoon. I just sip black coffee throughout the morning.

It is a proven fact that your mind is sharper while you are fasted. And so this is also when I do all of my most important work for the day.

The added bonus of doing all this by the way is that if you are somehow unlucky enough to get the Coronavirus, you will have a rock solid immune system to fight it!

[Obligatory Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a qualified medical professional and none of the above should in any way be taken as qualified medical advice. Always consult your doctor first. However, common sense seems to suggest that being in good physical and mental health is probably a good idea during a global pandemic!].

All of this "off the poker table" stuff is simple and totally within your control. It will make you play much better poker and tilt less as well.

Elite winning poker pros don't cut corners with this stuff. Amateurs do. You can just follow me on Instagram by the way if you want to see my daily regimen.

I am not just saying all this stuff to talk out of my ass. I actually practice healthy living every single day and I share it all in my Instagram stories.

All of this is a huge "secret" to my success in poker, business and so on by the way, that I have mentioned many times before on this blog.

And every successful poker pro who I know takes this stuff very seriously as well. Bottom line, if you want better results at the poker table, take care of your mind and body first.

Final Thoughts

We are all stuck in this bizarre Coronavirus world for the foreseeable future. And for over half the world's population right now that means some form of lockdown or self-quarantine.

And you can choose to wallow, mope and sit on the couch like most people will, or you can choose to make the best of these times and live your life like a champion.

Because truthfully, times of great calamity and recession actually tend to create the greatest opportunities. And so this is when tough people get going, and grind even harder.

One of these opportunities right now is online poker. The games haven't been this good in as long as I can even remember.

And you definitely don't need to know a ton of advanced poker strategy in order to crush all the super weak competition right now either.

Most online poker sites are currently seeing record traffic and record tournament prize pools with tons of bad recreational players picking up the game again.

This is an opportunity for you to finally start profiting from this poker thing in a big way. Strike while the iron is hot! This is your chance. It is up to you to take it or not.

As I mentioned off the top though, please remember that online poker is NOT an answer to financial problems, and it is also not a get rich quick scheme.

Real true and lasting success in poker is a long term process that only plays out over the course of months and years.

Anyways, I hope some of the "Coronavirus poker tips" in this article helped you.

And of course this global pandemic is much bigger than poker or anything else though. So above all, I hope you are staying safe and staying home!

Let's all beat this thing together.

All the best at the poker tables. And make sure you let me know in the comments below how you are doing in the Coronavirus online poker games.

Are you finding the games softer? Are you playing more? Did any of the tips in this article help you?

Let me know in the comments below!

Get My FREE Poker Cheat Sheet

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It's that simple.

Pick up my poker cheat sheet (for free), right here.

How to Crush the Coronavirus Online Poker Games


  1. Awesome as always

    1. Thanks A2 glad this one helped you!

  2. Thank you for this, great stuff!
    Do you use any scripts etc when playing or 2 or more sites at once? I play on 888 and stars simultaneously (8 tables total) but often get time outs as 888 doesn't let you customise hotkeys, on stars it's super easy, but only 4 ring games allowed.

    Thanks for the article again!

    1. Thanks Ken!

      I don't use any scripts. It's definitely a bit difficult sometimes. I usually just experiment with different table layouts on my screen until I find the one that works.

  3. Hi Nathan
    Great read as usual, i will check out your books now I’ve decided to play seriously. I used to be scared of cash games but am doing ok at the moment. Trying to decide wether daytime or evening sessions are best (I’m in England so typically evenings contain most fish whereas daytimes felt like a shark tank!)
    Either way I have many leaks in my game so thanks for the help along the way as i attempt to plug them 😂


    1. Hey Stephan glad you enjoyed this article!

      I think as you say, the evening time games will probably be better for you in England. It is always best to think about when the most recreational players are online. For me living in Asia, it's the reverse. Early morning is best, when Euro and North American fish are online.

  4. Nathan,
    I've bought 2 of your books, CTM & MSS. I haven't even finished MSS yet but it's already helped me a ton. You're books helped me move from NL5 to NL10. The pandemic also helped me move up to NL25. When I stick to what you teach I win and when I make bonehead mistakes I lose. Lol. Overall I'm happy with my progress these past few months and I'm excited to move up to NL50 hopefully in the next month or two. And I owe it all to you. I feel I've learned enough from you to recognize that some of the other poker teachers on YouTube are idiots and should not be listened to. So thank you and stay safe!

    1. Hey Paul,

      Nice work! I am glad that my books have been helping you and that you are steadily moving up the stakes.

      The games these days definitely are pretty wild and it is important to stay patient and stick to the basics.

  5. Games are definitely good right now, and to be honest I hardly do any off-the-table study. There is just more value in simply being out there in soft games rather than finding and correcting hopefully small mistakes.

    1. Good point Lars. For more experienced players in particular, the best thing they can do is play as much as possible right now while the games are good.

  6. Hi,Nathan.This may be odd and weird question,but what is your diet?Do you workout regulary?

    1. Hey Shollym,

      Nope, not a weird question at all. Like I mentioned in this article, for me personally I know that it helps me play much better poker, tilt less and so on.

      I workout 6 days a week alternating each day with weights and cardio. My diet consists of mostly high protein/low carb with tons of veg/fruit while employing intermittent fasting.

      This means that my eating window each day is usually between about 2pm to 10pm. I wake up early, workout, and then just drink black coffee while doing all of my most important work.

  7. thanks a lot.
    i always exercise 1:1 play vs study. i think its super beneficial
    regarding stop limit loss. I need to improve on that.
    stay safe and thanks again.

    1. Good work Dimitar, thanks for reading and stay safe as well!

  8. Dear master. A big thank from France for these precious advice. By the way i buy your ebook some day ago. I hope to receive it soon. Take care . Stephane

    1. Hey Stephane,

      I am glad I could help and thank you for buying my book. I hope it helps you even more!

      All of my poker books are delivered automatically upon purchase. You should have received an instant email with the download links.

      If you didn't receive this, please just send me an email.

  9. Ipoker games are crazy at the moment. Even 10c/20c absolutely swimming with fish.