Best Poker Training Sites 2024 (Used by Pros)

Best Poker Training Sites

This article contains the best poker training sites that you need to take your poker game to an elite world class level.

Most other articles about the best poker training sites list 20+ different resources. This is just ridiculous because the problem is that most of them are mediocre at best.

In fact, some poker training sites have such bad coaches (sometimes total amateurs) that they might even hurt your poker game!

This is something that all real poker pros already know. They don't waste their time with the vast majority of poker training sites out there.

They spend their time instead learning from the handful of poker training sites out there that ONLY hire the best poker players in the world as coaches.

Because this is how you are truly going to learn the cutting edge strategies to start crushing the poker tables, by learning from the very best poker players in the world.

So in this article I am going to list the best poker training sites that the pros are using to improve their game.

1. Best Poker Training Sites - BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

I just released my brand new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University. 

This includes 17 hours of advanced video lessons, hundreds of step by step example hands and "cheat sheets."

I have been promising a comprehensive advanced poker training program for literally years now, and here it finally is!

Since this new course is so massive I decided to create a complete walkthrough video showing you everything that is included.

In a nutshell, BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is about giving you the practical proven poker strategies to start getting you world class results in your poker games, right away.

For Example Here's What You'll Learn...

  • How to play your AK♣ when the flop comes 8♣74, and an aggressive player raises you
  • How to read wild and unpredictable players and make the right call
  • Exact formulas for how much to bet and raise in all situations
  • How to play Suited Connectors like 9♣8♣ for maximum value versus fishy players
  • How to play your KK when the flop comes A♠53♠, and an aggressive player raises you
  • Exactly when to check/raise the River versus Loose and Aggressive players as a bluff
  • Downloadable "cheat sheets" showing you exactly what hands to play in all situations
And so much more.

This new advanced poker training program is for serious poker players only, who are tired of "breakeven" results.

There are over 50 advanced video lessons and hundreds of example hands and "cheat sheets" in my new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University which cover cash games, tournaments, sngs, Zoom, live poker, online poker, 6max and full ring.

I explain everything from the most basic strategies for beginners at small stakes all the way up to advanced multi-street floating strategies for advanced pros at high stakes.

I also included two massive bonus sections covering Zoom poker strategy and Tournament poker strategy in particular.

Learn how to start dominating the Bubble and the Final Table no matter as a short stack (10bb), mid stack (30bb) or a big stack (50bb+).

best poker training sites

And learn my wildly profitable 3-bet and 4-bet bluffing strategies to beat tight/passive and tight/aggressive players in Zoom poker.

You will also learn the specific strategies I use to read wild and unpredictable "fishy" players and put them on a hand right away.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is all about getting you winning right now, and finally getting world class results at the poker table.

Watch one or two videos per day and take the strategies to the poker table right away.

My Elite Poker University training is the most practical advanced system for winning at poker these days because it provides you with the simple strategies you need to know to win now, not later.

Just the key strategies you need to know to start quickly getting much better results whether you play cash games, tournaments, live poker, online poker or zoom.

If you are serious about taking your game to an elite world class level, I made this course for you.

Learn EXACTLY how to start crushing small and mid stakes poker games, play semi-pro or even full time pro. Use my proven elite poker strategies to start winning fast.

Get $100 OFF Use Code: ELITE100

2. Best Poker Training Sites - MasterClass

MasterClass is a hugely popular online teaching platform. And they cover all subjects from cooking to basketball to photography and film-making.

So normally I would not include this site in a list of the best poker training sites. However, they have recently signed two of the most successful poker players on the planet to make poker training material for them:

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass

Phil Ivey MasterClass

These are arguably the two most popular poker players in the world today and between them they have tens of millions of dollars in winnings and countless WSOP bracelets and final tables.

Best poker training sites daniel negreanu masterclass

Both the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass and the Phil Ivey MasterClass are aimed at beginners and intermediate poker players. 

So if you are low or mid stakes poker player struggling to win consistently, these poker training courses are tailored specifically for you.

You will learn the fundamental strategies necessary to beat small and mid stakes poker games online and in the casino. And they cover both cash games and tournaments as well.

One of the real selling points of both the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass and the Phil Ivey MasterClass though is the fact that these are two of the best live poker players of all-time.

So there is some of the best advanced poker educational material that I have ever seen on live poker physical tells, table talk, bluffing and hand reading.

The bottom line is that Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey are two of the best to ever play this game and they have made more money playing poker than nearly anyone on earth.

So if you are struggling to beat low or mid stakes poker games, these advanced poker training programs will quickly help improve your game and get you winning consistently.

While both of these training sites do not include nearly as much material as BlackRain79 Elite Poker University, they both still offer a lot of value for newer players in particular.

So that is why I think they are both a good cost effective option these days.

To enroll in the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass right now, click here.

To enroll in the Phil Ivey MasterClass right now, click here.

3. Best Poker Training Sites - BlackRain79 Books

Some people prefer to read and that is why I also have several best selling poker strategy books that have helped thousands of people quickly improve their game now.

The other benefit of poker strategy books is that they are typically a lot cheaper than some of the advanced video based poker training sites that I discussed above.

So if you are on a tight budget or a super low stakes players, here are some of the best options for poker books.
  • Modern Small Stakes (Best for: NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100, 6max, Zoom, full ring, $2/$5 to $10/$20 live along with low buyin tounrmanents )
  • The Micro Stakes Playbook (Best for: NL2, NL5, NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100, 6max, Zoom, full ring, $2/$5 to $10/$20 live along with low buyin tounrmanents)

All of my poker books include my Starting Hand "Cheat Sheets" and my Ultimate Zoom Poker Guide as free bonuses.

Get 20% OFF any of my poker books when you use code - 20OFF

4. Best Poker Training Sites - The NL2 Mastery Course

Lastly, as mentioned above I also have a live poker training video course where I literally just play for 6+ hours (zoom, 6max and full ring online) and explain every decision I make to you.

This is called The NL2 Mastery Course.

This is in direct contrast to all of the other poker training sites already mentioned in this article which focus on theory and strategy, charts, powerpoints, replay hands, solvers and so on.

By contrast the core training material in The NL2 Mastery Course is a 9 part video series (6+ hours total) where I show you exactly how I crush low stakes 6max, Zoom and full ring games online.

Here is a sample of the Zoom section of the course (live play):

And since I have some of the best results in online poker history in these games, you just simply cannot get this level of poker training for micro stakes games anywhere else.

Included in the NL2 Mastery Course is also the Starting Hand Charts Manual which is a essentially a "cheat sheet" for what hands to play in every situation in 6max, Zoom and full ring.

The other benefit of this training course is that it is a lot cheaper than the others already listed in this article.

But the drawback is that there is no formal instruction. It is just me talking and explaining my decisions to you for 6+ hours. The hands that come up are therefore completely random.

But some people prefer this sort of "old school" style of poker instruction because it shows you the raw nuts and bolts of how I crush these games.

You get to see every single hand.

To enroll in The NL2 Mastery Course right now, click here.

Get 20% OFF Use Code - 20OFF

What is the Best Poker Training Site For Tournaments?

People often ask me what is the best poker training site for tournaments. My answer for this is always the same.

It's The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass.

Not only does Daniel have some of the highest winnings of all-time in poker tournaments (over $40 million dollars in earnings), but the tournament sections of his MasterClass are among the best I have seen.

If you play live poker tournaments in particular Daniel has excellent insights for how to read players, how to stay out of trouble early, how to abuse the bubble and crush the final table.

As I always say, the best way to learn poker is to learn from the very best. And it is no secret that Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker tournament players of all-time.

So if I had to pick one resource that is the best poker training site for tournaments, it would have to be the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass.

Are Poker Training Sites Worth It?

Another common question I get is are poker training sites even worth it?

Well, the answer to this question is that you will get what you put into it. A lot of people sign up to a poker training site and expect to become a world class poker player over night.

But unfortunately it does not work this way.

Poker training sites are not like watching a movie where you casually sit back and be entertained. You have to instead take an active role in your learning.

This means taking notes, asking the instructor questions and most importantly, putting into practice what you have learned immediately.

It is important that you go use the strategies that you learned right away because it is a proven fact that you learn best by actively doing the thing you learned.

It's similar to learning a new language. If you really want to get fluent fast, your best chance is by speaking the language on a daily basis (ideally with other native speakers), as you learn.

And it is the exact same thing with poker training sites.

Poker training sites are one of the very best (and cost effective) ways to get better at poker. They are much cheaper than hiring a coach for example.

But if you do not take an active role in your poker learning, then you will not get the results from it that you were hoping for.

So I urge you, if you decide to join a poker training site, take it seriously. Study one lesson every single night, take notes, ask questions and use the new strategies that you learned immediately.

This is something that I actually mention again and again in my new Elite Poker University training. It is important that you use my strategies immediately.

If you do this, then poker training sites absolutely are worth it.

For example, for somebody who plays a $1/$2 cash game, the price of most good advanced poker training sites these days is usually only one or two buyins at the most.

And for mid and high stakes players who make 6 figures or 7 figures per year from poker, a good advanced poker training course is an absolute no brainer, that can pay for itself in 10 minutes, if they learn one little strategy to help them beat tough players in their games.

So would I suggest enrolling in a poker training site? If you take the game of poker seriously, this is easily one of the most profitable investments you can make.

What is the Best Poker Training App?

Another questions I often get is what is the best poker training app?

Well, honestly there aren't a lot of them available yet. Most poker training sites focus on a classic 20 or 30 minute video style presentation where the instructor teaches you a specific poker concept or idea.

But there are a few poker training apps that have come onto the market lately which are starting to make some waves.

I think the most popular of these is PokerSnowie which I have actually already reviewed on my website right here.

PokerSnowie is a GTO (game theory optimal) based poker training app and program that you can use on your phone or laptop to learn the best GTO poker plays.

best poker training app pokersnowie

In fact you can even challenge the AI as it teaches you the latest GTO poker strategies to crush today's mid and high stakes games.

Now I should say that I don't really recommend PokerSnowie for beginner level or micro stakes players.

In fact, as I have discussed before, I actually think GTO is a pretty bad strategy to use at the micro stakes for numerous reasons. The Exploitative style of play that I recommend is far superior.

However, if you are an experienced poker player who has made it to mid or high stakes games, I think it is a very smart idea to start learning the GTO strategies to beat other world class pros.

PokerSnowie is currently the best poker training app and program in the world to help you learn today's cutting edge GTO strategies right on your smart phone.

You can download the free trial of PokerSnowie right here.

What Are the Best Free Poker Training Sites?

And finally, the last question I get a lot is what are the best free poker training sites. 

Well, this is something that I have already written an entire article about, which you can find right here.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of good free poker training options available today such as Youtube, Twitch, forums, reddit and podcasts.

Heck, I even wrote a free poker book that literally gives you a step by step blueprint for how to start winning in low stakes games (great for beginners especially).

However, if you want truly high level training, the stuff that is going to get you beating the mid stakes and high stakes games, it is almost always not going to be free.

And the reason why is that knowledge is power in poker. Nobody is going to just give away highly advanced professional poker level strategies for free.

Some coaches even charge thousands of dollars per hour for their expertise!

So nearly all high level poker training is behind a paywall. However, all of the poker training sites that I mentioned in this article are very affordable for small stakes players.

For example, BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is only $197 after you apply the ELITE100 discount coupon below.

This is less than a single buyin if you play $1/$2 cash games for example.

Also, enrollment in BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is a one-time fee, unlike most other poker training sites these days which make you pay every month! 

Get $100 OFF Use Code: ELITE100

It is nearly impossible to beat this kind of value. And if you are serious about taking your poker game to the next level and creating real and consistent profits, then this is really just a drop in the bucket.

I personally have spent thousands of dollars over the years on poker training sites and even personal coaches.

Was it worth it?

Well, I have been a poker pro for over 10 years now traveling the world and making a living from this silly little card game called poker.

So yes, I would definitely say that it was worth it. I consider it the cost of continuing to stop on top of the games that I play in.

It is no different than a software engineer or any other professional who needs to constantly be investing in upgrading their skillset.

So to sum up, you can certainly find plenty of good free poker training sites and materials out there these days, but the ones that are going to really take your game to an elite world class level are rarely free.

Final Thoughts

So what are the best poker training sites these days?

Well, in my opinion BlackRain79 Elite Poker University takes the #1 spot as the best overall poker training site in the world today, as it is simply the most comprehensive program around.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pro, there is over 17+ hours of advanced training, dozens of cheat sheets and more, showing you what to do in every single situation.

Next on the list of the best poker training sites is MasterClass.

While not technically a poker training site, they have recently signed two of the most famous (and profitable) poker players in history to make poker training courses for them, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey.

For this reason alone I have to include MasterClass now on any list of the best poker training sites available today.

Last but not least is my own poker website that you are reading right now, 

Again, while not technically a poker training site, I do have the widest array of material available anywhere online for how to crush the lower stakes games.

You can get started by grabbing a copy of my free poker cheat sheet right here.

Read by over 100,000 people now, my free poker cheat sheet provides you with the step by step strategies to start making $1000+ per month in low stakes poker games.


Let me know what you think are the best poker training sites.

Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you I may earn a commission if you choose to enroll at that poker training site.

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