Phil Ivey MasterClass Review 2024 - Complete Walkthrough

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review
I won't deny it.

Whenever somebody asks me who my favorite poker player is my answer is always the same, Phil Ivey.

He was a huge inspiration for me especially during my early years when I was struggling to make it as a poker pro.

I love the way he thinks about the game and his quiet confidence at the table. And then there is the famous Ivey death stare at the poker table along with some of the craziest high stakes bluffs ever.

In many ways this is the perfect poker player in my opinion.

So when I heard that Phil Ivey was coming out with a new advanced poker training MasterClass (his first time ever revealing his poker knowledge), I was all over it.

This is the opportunity to learn from one of the most legendary (and profitable) poker players of all time, both live and online.

So I have spent the last few weeks studying every single part of this brand new poker course. This article will be my complete Phil Ivey MasterClass Review and walkthrough for serious poker players.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review - Learning From the Greatest of All Time 

The Phil Ivey MasterClass is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the greatest poker players to ever play the game.

Phil Ivey has won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets, had countless final table appearances and he is currently listed as having over $38 million dollars in lifetime live tournament winnings.

But what is even more astounding is that he is also the winningest player in the history of online poker with over $20 million dollars in earnings!

So what this all means is that with live and online winnings combined, Phil Ivey has the highest publicly documented winnings in the history of the game of poker.

This is why many people (including myself) refer to him as the GOAT, greatest of all-time.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review

Furthermore, because Phil Ivey is best known for playing in so many ultra high stakes private cash games, many people believe that his real lifetime earnings actually far, far exceed this.

This is part of the reason why Phil Ivey has already been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame despite the fact that his poker career is still far from over.

Bottom Line: In this new Phil Ivey MasterClass you are learning from arguably the best poker player to ever play the game.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review - Who is This Poker Course For?

Now you might be asking yourself what if you are new to poker and still struggling to even learn the basics? Will this poker course be helpful you?

Well, one of the things that impressed me right away about the Phil Ivey MasterClass is how welcoming it is for beginners.

All of the most basic poker terms and strategy are explained so that somebody who has never even played the game will be able to easily understand what Phil Ivey is talking about.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review

In fact there is even a small 15 page guide included with the Phil Ivey MasterClass called the Poker Fundamentals Guide which teaches you all the basics if you are new to the game of poker.

Now with all that said, the Phil Ivey MasterClass also includes a lot of high level cutting edge poker strategy instruction.

For example this course includes some of the best discussion on deep stacked poker strategy, creative bet sizing and mental warfare that I have ever seen (more on that later).

These sections are aimed at much more experienced poker players who are looking to take their game to an elite world class level.

Bottom Line (Who is this Poker Course For?):

The Phil Ivey MasterClass is good for both total beginners to the game of poker as well as seasoned professionals looking for that extra edge.

Also, as mentioned Phil Ivey is without a doubt the greatest cross-over poker player in the history of the game. Nobody can even come close to matching his success across all formats, live games, online poker, tournaments, cash games and so on.

So the Phil Ivey MasterClass is going to help you if you play online poker, live poker, cash games, tournaments, Zoom, 6max, full ring or sit and gos.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review - What Will You Learn in this Poker Course?

The Phil Ivey MasterClass consists of 11 modules with video based poker lessons taught by Phil Ivey. Each video averages between 20 and 30 minutes in length.

Alongside the videos there is also a downloadable lesson book for each section of the course so that you can study the material Phil Ivey teaches you on an even deeper level.

Also, I should mention that there is one big course workbook covering every lesson in the course as well if you just want to read the entire thing at once.

Furthermore, the Phil Ivey MasterClass creates a community based learning environment to help you understand all the material better.

So there is also a lesson discussion section for every module in the course so that you can discuss what you learned with the thousands of others enrolled in the Phil Ivey MasterClass.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review

Lastly, Phil Ivey himself will occasionally be there to answer your questions personally in the "Office Hours" section of the course (more on that later).

Each lesson in the Phil Ivey MasterClass covers an important part of your poker strategy such as:
  • Preflop strategy and blind defense
  • Optimal bet sizing
  • Elite bluffing strategy
  • Postflop strategy (flop, turn and river)
  • Deepstack poker strategy
  • The mental game (tilt, confidence, putting others on tilt)
  • Live physical poker tells (hand reading secrets of the pros)
And so on.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review

Furthermore, each of these poker lessons is broken down into even greater detail. So for example in the preflop strategy lesson Phil Ivey teaches you:
  • What hands to play from what positions
  • How to use position to your advantage
  • What type of hands you should defend the blinds with (you might be surprised!)
  • When to re-raise
And more.

Something that I also liked about this poker course is that Phil Ivey makes use of many famous televised hands that he played to illustrate exactly what he is talking about.

So for example there are several hands versus other famous poker players like Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan and Doug Polk, where Ivey walks you through exactly what he was thinking.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review Download

For example, for those of you who know poker, you will remember the hand above as probably the most famous bluff in poker history.

Phil Ivey walks you step by step through how he picked up the "tell" on Paul Jackson to be able to pull off this totally insane bluff!

This is actually my all-time favorite hand of poker ever so getting to hear Phil Ivey actually explain his thought process here for the first time was amazing for me.

By the way, here is the full hand for those of you who have not seen this unbelievable bluff by Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review - Deep Stacked Poker, Mental Game and More

Some other parts of the Phil Ivey MasterClass that I thought stood out were his discussion of playing deep stacked poker (100 big blinds or more).

This topic is notoriously under-served in nearly every other poker course or poker book I have ever studied. And deep stack poker is a massive and crucial part of the game especially at high stakes.

Heck, if you have even played a bit of Zoom poker online then you will know that the stacks often get deep very quickly and knowing what to do in these situations is absolutely vital to your success.

So getting to hear Phil Ivey's thoughts about how he approaches a poker hand when he is 200bb, 300bb, 400bb deep or more was one of my favorite and most eye-opening parts of this course.

I also thought that the sections on the Mental Game (psychological warfare) also stood out in this poker course.

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review Tilt Control

And what I liked the most is that Ivey doesn't just talk about how to stop tilting when you get some bad beats (which is a topic that has been discussed to death in so many other books and courses).

Instead Ivey focuses much more on teaching you how to put other people on tilt through a variety of methods such as bet sizing, table talk and even needling them and getting under their skin.

This is something that I have personally been advocating for many years now on this poker blog. Poker is a game of psychological warfare.

If you want to get that extra edge in today's games, then you have to know how to put your opponents on tilt like the pros do!

Phil Ivey MasterClass Review - Take it With You on the Go

The last thing that I found impressive about the Phil Ivey MasterClass is the production and the presentation. Since this course was created by MasterClass you know you are getting the very best.

So the quality of Ivey's poker strategy videos is excellent. And MasterClass also makes it very easy for you to study this course on the go at your own pace, by simply downloading their app to your smart phone or tablet (Android and iOS).

Phil Ivey MasterClass Android and Mac iOS

Lastly, another unique feature of the Phil Ivey MasterClass is the "Office Hours" section.

Here you can send your questions about a poker hand or any of the poker course material (via video or text) to Phil Ivey himself.

Now, like with the massively popular Daniel Negreanu MasterClass (which I also reviewed right here), I don't know how many of these questions Phil Ivey will actually be able to answer himself.

After all, there will be thousands and thousands of people taking this poker course.

However, this level of access to an all-time great of the game, along with the community learning element that MasterClass encourages throughout the course, definitely helps set it apart.

Also, as mentioned there is a huge course-book that comes along with this course (which is the size of some poker books) to help guide you through everything Phil Ivey teaches you as well.

Final Thoughts

So should you study the Phil Ivey MasterClass? Is this poker course right for you?

Well, I think the poker strategy advice in this course is pretty solid overall. I think anyone who is struggling to win consistently (online or live) will immediately benefit from learning from Phil Ivey.

There is also enough high level strategy material included so that more advanced poker players looking to take their game to an elite level will also benefit from it.

However, with all that said it is also important to remember that no poker course on earth is going to suddenly overnight turn you into some high stakes crusher like Phil Ivey.

Nope, instead you will get exactly what you choose to put into this poker course.

I would recommend studying one lesson each night, taking notes, asking questions and most importantly, implementing what you learned from Phil Ivey right away at the poker tables.

If you are a struggling online or live poker player in particular, then I think the Phil Ivey MasterClass will definitely help you to start winning consistently.

I would also recommend this course to more seasoned and experienced poker players who are looking to take their game to a world class level.

The bottom line is that with the Phil Ivey MasterClass you know you are learning from one of the very best to ever play the game.

To enroll in the Phil Ivey MasterClass today, click here.


Let me know your thoughts on the Phil Ivey MasterClass in the comments below. 

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Phil Ivey MasterClass Review