Good Zoom Poker Win Rates for 2024 (Aim For This!)

Good Zoom Poker Win Rates

People ask me all the time what is a good Zoom poker win rate. And it is always hard to say precisely because it depends on how many tables you play, your skill level, what stakes you are playing and so on.

But I get this question often enough that I have decided to put together this list of what I would consider to be good Zoom poker win rates these days.

A good Zoom poker win rate in today's games is anything above 0/bb. It is important to remember that most people lose at poker in the long run. But the very best players will achieve Zoom poker win rates of anywhere between 3bb/100 and 15bb/100 depending on the stakes they are playing and the number of tables.

But this is a fairly simplistic answer so let me break down the best Zoom poker win rates for you by each stake in this article. This way you can compare them to your own results.

Also, I should mention that these win rates will apply to other fast fold style games on other poker sites as well such as Fast Forward (Party Poker), Snap (888 Poker) and Zone (Bovada).

Zoom Poker Win Rates are Lower Than Regular Poker Tables

The first thing that I need to mention though is that Zoom poker win rates (measured in big blinds won per 100 hands played) are always going to be lower than the regular tables.

And this is simply due to the way that the game is setup.

This is something that I actually discuss in a brand new video by the way.

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In fast fold poker games like Zoom you cannot table select. You are put in a random seat on a random table for every single hand.

And so this means that even if you do happen to get seated on a table with a fish, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will have position on them which is a huge part of your success in this game. Furthermore, you are going to get moved to another table the very next hand anyways.

No matter what you think about so called "bumhunting" (chasing the fish around), the bottom line is that the money comes from the bad poker players in this game.

It's just pure fact.

And when you cannot choose what table and seat you play at like on a regular poker table, then there will always be a fundamental barrier or ceiling on your winnings.

So is Zoom Poker Profitable?

Now some people might interpret this to mean that Zoom poker is all bad and why should you even play it. However, this is not necessarily the case.

And that is because we need to draw a clear difference here between your poker win rate and your poker hourly rate.

They are not the same thing. Not at all.

Your "win rate" in poker is measured, as mentioned, by how many big blinds you win per every 100 hands played in online poker. Your poker hourly rate though is exactly what it sounds like, how much money you make per hour.

So what that means is that somebody who plays an insane amount of hands could very easily make more money per hour than somebody who has a higher win rate.

Good Zoom Poker Win Rates 6max

And what is Zoom poker really, really good for? Yup, you guessed it, putting in huge, huge numbers of hands.

Due to the fast fold nature of the game, and the fact that you are always dealt into the action right away, Zoom poker is a favorite of many hardcore grinders because it allows you to play a crazy amount of hands.

And again, what this means is that even with a lower win rate, your overall winnings (or poker hourly rate) could very well be higher in Zoom. And of course, that is the only thing that actually matters in the end.

Rakeback and bonuses may also play a role in this on some poker sites with fast fold games like Zoom. Because poker sites very often reward higher volume players with more rakeback and bonuses.

So the bottom line is that Zoom poker can be just as profitable as the regular poker tables. However, it is more of a long term numbers game.

So with all of that technical stuff out of the way, let's get to those Zoom poker win rates!

By the way, just so we are on the same page here:
  • 2NL Zoom (also known as NL2 Zoom) is 1c/2c blinds
  • 5NL Zoom (also known as NL5 Zoom) is 2c/5c blinds
  • 10NL Zoom (also known as NL10 Zoom) is 5c/10c blinds
  • 25NL Zoom (also known as NL25 Zoom) is 10c/25c blinds
  • 50NL Zoom (also known as NL50 Zoom) is 25c/50c blinds
  • 100NL Zoom (also known as NL100 Zoom) is 50c/$1 blinds
The standard maximum buyin for all these games at most online poker card rooms is 100 big blinds. So the maximum buyin at 2NL would be $2, at 5NL it would be $5 and so on.

Good Zoom Poker Win Rates for 2NL, 5NL, 10NL, 25NL, 50NL and 100NL (1-2 Tables)

NL2 Zoom Win rate - 15bb/100

NL5 Zoom Win rate - 10bb/100

NL10 Zoom Win rate - 8bb/100

NL25 Zoom Win rate - 6bb/100

NL50 Zoom Win rate - 5bb/100

NL100 Zoom Win rate - 4bb/100

Good Zoom Poker Win Rates for 2NL, 5NL, 10NL, 25NL, 50NL and 100NL (3-4 Tables)

2NL Zoom Winrate - 10bb/100

5NL Zoom Winrate - 7bb/100

10NL Zoom Winrate - 6bb/100

25NL Zoom Winrate - 5bb/100

50NL Zoom Winrate - 4bb/100

100NL Zoom Winrate - 3bb/100

There are two main things to point out here.

First off, poker win rates always decline as you increase the stakes because the competition gets better and there are less and less totally clueless fish. This is why the win rates above drop rapidly as you climb up the limits from NL2 to NL100.

Secondly, as you can see I also split up the Zoom poker win rates into number of tables because that will have a direct impact on the quality of your poker decisions and ultimately your win rate.

And the reason why is very simple. More poker tables means less time to think which means lower quality decision making and ultimately a lower win rate.

There is no way around this in my experience. My poker win rate always rises dramatically when I lower the table count.

Keep in mind that a typical Zoom poker table deals about 3 to 4 times as fast as a regular poker table. So if you play on 4 Zoom tables, then it is almost like you are playing as many as 16 regular tables.

By the way, in case you were curious about how I am able to play this many poker tables and still keep track of all my opponents, yes I do use several poker software tools and aids.

For the complete list of all poker software and tools that I use as a pro, click here.

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How Many People Are Going to Achieve These Zoom Poker Win Rates?

Now let me also just state a rather huge caveat to these numbers as well. And that is, the vast majority of people who play Zoom poker will not achieve them.

In fact it is always important to remember that at least 70% of people who play poker do not even win at all in the long run after the rake.

This is due to the enormous amount that the poker rooms and the winning poker players take out of the poker economy.

Good Zoom Poker Win Rates

And of those people that actually win at poker in the long run (probably 30% of the player pool at most) I would estimate that only 5%-10% are actually winning big.

The numbers that I stated above should be considered "winning big" in these games. People always email me asking "what is possible" to achieve in these games.

And so that is exactly what these Zoom poker win rates represent. They are what is possible for the very best poker players at the micro stakes online. The vast majority of people will not achieve them.

However, for the few who are serious about achieving big time success in Zoom games there are tons of advanced poker training programs these day that can help you get the edge you need.

Full Ring Versus 6Max Zoom Poker Win Rates

Now some people might also be wondering if there is a difference between 6 max and full ring zoom poker win rates. In this regard I would say, not really.

The long term differences in win rates between 6 max and full ring in Zoom poker are negligible from what I have seen.

You have a similar amount of fish in either format and full ring just tends to play a bit tighter overall. I always recommend playing the one that you enjoy the most. Or if you want to prepare yourself for higher limits, then just play both like I do.

It isn't until you get into heads up poker or super short handed cash games (3 or 4 people) that the potential win rates start trending upwards. And that of course is due to the ability to play with the fish nearly every hand.

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What is a Good Zoom Poker Win Rate For You?

So what is a good Zoom poker win rate for you to personally shoot for?

Well, as I often say (and I know this isn't always popular) but poker is much better viewed as a journey and not a destination.

In other words, you are much better off focusing on the process of playing well and improving your game rather than stressing over your win rate like many people do.

Because quite frankly, it is going to take an enormous amount of time to get to your true win rate anyways. Many people do not realize that it can often take as many as 100k hands just to get past basic variance in poker.

If you are truly crushing the games then you are likely to move up well before you even hit this number anyways.

And like I said before, as many as 70% of people do not even win at poker over the long run. So what this means is that if your Zoom poker win rate is a positive number, then you are already way ahead of most people.

So please do not look at the numbers that I stated in this article and rigidly compare yourself to them. As I mentioned before, these are what is possible for the very best Zoom players.

If you can achieve them someday, that's awesome. But the main thing you should always be focused on in poker is improving your game, getting better and moving up.

The results will take care of themselves.

Final Thoughts

So what is a good Zoom poker win rate these days?

Well, it depends a lot on your skill level and the number of tables that you play.

Somebody who plays 3, 4 or more Zoom poker tables will not be able to sustain the same win rate as somebody who only plays on 1 or 2.

Although, using a good free poker HUD can help mitigate this somewhat.

Also, there are vast differences in poker abilities especially at the micro stakes. Some people will crush everyone and rapidly climb up the stakes. The large majority though will struggle to hit break even.

However, I hope that the Zoom poker win rates that I listed in this article will at least give you some sort of benchmark or guideline of what is possible to achieve in these games.

Lastly, if you want to know the exact Zoom poker strategies that I use to make $1000+ per month in these games as a 10 year pro, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Let me know in the comments below what you think is a good Zoom poker win rate.

Good zoom poker winrates


  1. Seems pretty accurate to me. I have been winning at 5bb/100 over my last 200k hands at NL50. Much of it is thanks to your books!

    1. Nice job TJ and I am glad I could help!

  2. Great Read Nathan hope all is well with You wish You the best Peace . . . 🦊 😎

    1. Thanks as always for reading DF, hope you are well also!

  3. Nathan,
    great post! (as usual)
    I spotted one small typo (I think). the sentence that says:
    "So what this means is that if your Zoom poker win rate is a positive number, then you are already win."
    last word should probably be "winning".
    take care,

    1. Thanks for pointing out that typo Ed. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Great read. Interested in hearing your thoughts on potential win rates for low life stake cash games?

    1. Thanks! I assume you mean low limit live? Haha

      Honestly, I am not the best person to ask since I am mostly an online player. I think 10bb per hour is generally regarded as a very good winrate in low limit live games though.