Announcing the Release of The NL2 Mastery Course

The NL2 Mastery Course BlackRain79
The NL2 Mastery Course is something that I have mostly kept quiet about but have been working behind the scenes on for quite some time.

As many of you may know I am the author of two popular full length books on the micro stakes cash games. Crushing the Microstakes (NL2, NL4 and NL5) and Modern Small Stakes (NL10, NL25 and NL50).

But many people have told me that they would also like to see the strategies and ideas presented in those two books in action for themselves at the tables.

This is why starting this year I am going to be releasing a series of Mastery Courses starting at NL2. NL5 and NL10 will be forthcoming later this year.

The Mastery Courses are full length video series (typically 6+ hours) of live play at the micros online. You essentially get to look over my shoulder as I show you how I have produced some of the best results in history in these games.

What is the NL2 Mastery Course?

The NL2 Mastery Course is a 9 part video series featuring 6 hours of live play at the full ring, 6max and Zoom tables on Pokerstars.

In this video series you will learn:
  • How to employ an exploitative TAG strategy at the micros
  • How to find the fish and tilt them
  • How to stack the fish as fast as possible over and over again
  • How to exploit the regs
  • How to play effectively in 3Bet pots
  • Zoom Poker Strategy
  • Flop and Turn CBet strategy
  • River ranges and bet sizing
And much, much more!

Videos #1, #2 and #3 (Full Ring)

(Total running time: 118 minutes)

In the first 3 videos in this series I play live at NL2 full ring on Pokerstars varying between 1 and 4 tables at a time. Implementing a TAG strategy I focus heavily on exploiting the numerous fish that I find at the tables. As I stack them again and again I discuss the specific strategy nuances of full ring poker.

Here is a short preview of what you can expect:

Videos #4, #5 and #6 (6max)

(Total running time: 124 minutes)

In videos 4, 5 and 6 in this series I play live at the 6max NL2 cash games on Pokerstars. 

I talk about how to make adjustments for 6max both preflop and postflop. I employ a highly position based TAG strategy. I stack numerous fish once again and talk about how to exploit the regs.

Videos #7, #8 and #9 (Zoom Poker)

(Total running time: 117 minutes)

In the final 3 videos in this series I focus on Zoom Poker (both 6max and full ring). I discuss the specific strategy adjustments needed to beat these games for the highest winrates possible. Once again I employ a highly exploitative TAG strategy, abusing the regs and stacking the fish.

Here is a short preview of what you can expect:

Let's Start Crushing the Micros!

I write about the micros non-stop on this blog as many of you know (roughly one new post a week). And while the games have gotten a bit tougher in recent years the real purpose of this video series is to show you that you can still absolutely crush these games for some truly insane winrates.

Here are my results from this video series (note the winrate):

BlackRain79 Videos

Now there are a few fairly big caveats here of course.

Firstly, the sample size is so small that it makes my results pretty insignificant. However, considering just how high the winrate is (especially when I ran fairly normal in this video series - neither great nor terrible), that should tell you something.

Secondly, I only play on 4 tables at the most in this video series and sometimes as little as 1 or 2 especially when playing Zoom. If I was playing 12+ tables at a time I would not be able to maintain 34bb/100.

With all that said though, I do think that crazy results similar to this are still possible in today's games over the long run if you:
  • Employ a solid exploitative TAG strategy
  • Use effective table selection
  • Control your emotions when things go bad
The biggest reason why is due to the quality of the competition that you will face in these games.

NL2 is a Circus

NL2 is the very lowest stake of online poker. Therefore, this game is populated by some of the worst players on the planet. Yet, most people who play at this limit not only don't turn a profit, they actually lose money!

As somebody who has made 15k+ at just this stake alone with rakeback added (quite possibly the most ever), this is just absolutely crazy to me.

As you will see in The NL2 Mastery Course, these games are still a total joke.

I actually employ very little table selection throughout this entire video series and I play at some of the absolute worst times as well (Sunday night for instance in North American time zones). This entire video series was also recorded at the supposedly hardest site out there, Pokerstars.

You see my results above.

I can remember identifying one player (yes ONE), throughout 6 hours of play, who in my opinion looked like a reasonably solid poker player. Everybody else ran the gamut from pure beginner to absolutely no clue what they are doing.

I encountered numerous massive fish at full ring, 6max and Zoom with VPIPs as high as 80%. On many occasions I had 2 or 3 of them at each table. You can clearly see them in the promo videos above.

Anybody trying to tell you that the NL2 games today are full of good regs is either completely blind or does not understand what "playing good" actually means in this game.

I have long referred to NL2 lovingly as "The Circus" because it is full of huge fish and total beginner regs with massive leaks in their game.

No more excuses.

You should be absolutely annihilating these games and that is what this video series shows you how to do.

High Definition Downloadable Videos

Download NL2 Mastery Course

All videos in The NL2 Mastery Course were recorded using professional screen capture software and a professional grade microphone. So when you watch this video series it is like you are in the room looking right at my laptop screen.

Also, it is important to note that in this video series you will be watching me play poker (and explain my decisions) in real time. This is not one of those "voice over" replayer video series where I get the benefit of hindsight.

And if you want to download this entire course and take it on the go, then that is no problem as well. There is a download button under every single video. You can of course stream the entire thing online in HD as well.

Bonus #1 - The NL2 Mastery Course Starter
nl2 mastery course blackrain79

The starter kit includes a free copy of my "Massive Profit at the Micros" ebook which breaks down the strategy that you will see in action throughout this entire video course.

It also includes a free copy of The Starting Hand Chart Manual. This is basically a cheat sheet where you can see every single hand that I play from every single position in a 6max or full ring cash game (both Zoom and regular tables).

The starter kit also includes an overview of several key topics discussed in this video series and links to important articles of mine to learn more.

Bonus #2 - Free Lifetime Access to the Member's Only Area of My Forum

Every single person who purchases this course will receive free lifetime access to the member's only area on my forum where you can personally ask me questions about ANY hand in this video series.

You can also post your own hands for review.

If You Struggle at NL2 Then This Course is for YOU!

Here's the thing, you can go out and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on coaching, training sites and books in order to learn complex theories on how to beat the complete beginners that you will encounter at NL2.

You will probably end up being just as confused as when you started and still wondering why your results are lacking.

Or you can see first-hand the proven common sense strategies that I have long used in these games to produce some of the best results ever.

No speculation, no theories and no complex math. Just results.

If you are still struggling at NL2, then invest in yourself and get this video course. I promise it won't cost you hundreds of dollars either!

Not even close in fact.

Click the button below to get started.

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The NL2 Mastery Course by BlackRain79

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Final Thoughts

I just want to thank each and every loyal reader of this website who has been following me for years. You know who you are.

You are the reason I am inspired to keep putting out articles each week and even get around to something really big like a book or a video course every once in awhile.

Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, the emails, the comments and more.

My hope with The NL2 Mastery Course (like with my previous two books) is that it makes a real discernible difference in your results at the tables, immediately.

We all started playing this game for fun. But let me tell you, the real fun begins when you start consistently winning big. Because that really is the entire point of the game.

Hopefully this video series helps shine a little bit more light on your path at the micros.

NL2 mastery course


  1. Hello Nathan! Congrats for your work! I am not sure I understood what we get for $ 19.95 :) Thank you in advance for clarifying.. Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you :)

      The NL2 Mastery Course is a 9 part video series at 6max, full ring and Zoom cash games. It includes about 6 hours of me playing poker and discussing my decisions at the tables. There are some extras as well such as the starter kit and access to my member's only forum. You can check out the 3 promo videos above to get a better idea.

  2. Hello Nathan,
    I'm trying to purchase but having this problem:
    - Paypal is forbidden in Turkey, so i need to pay directly from the master card. But when i update my country as Turkey, payment page is forcing me to pay through Paypal. But if I select another country, "pay with credit card" option appears. How can i proceed ?

    1. Hi Kutay,

      I just read up on the situation in Turkey with Paypal. Unfortunately Paypal is my payment processor and so even if you pay by credit card it has to be processed by them. I am going to see if I can fix this in the future or maybe even change processors. But for now, since Paypal has pulled out of the Turkish market, unfortunately I won't be able to accept payments from Turkey. Another option is Skrill. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    2. Hello Nathan,
      A friend lives in Britain made the payment for me, so i have access to the videos now. One more question, download button is not working i guess..I'm receiving a notice like " there is no video found " Could you please check it ? Thank you

    3. I am glad you got it sorted Kutay. There are ongoing issues with downloading. I am in contact with tech support. I will get it fixed soon or find a backup host. Sorry for the problems once again. I will get back to you.

  3. Hello Nathan,
    I would likte to ask something about aggression factor. You describe a good TAG who have an AF of 3-4. I have been watching these videos but it seems like it is hard to have an aggression factor of 4 with the way you play in the videos. This is what i also experienced after reading your books. When i followed your instructions, i never had an AF of 3-4.

    1. Hmm, strange. Watch my postflop play some more throughout this series. As you can see in the screenshot above my AF in this video course is 3.81.

    2. I had a similar question. In about 3 thousand tracked hands (6-Max) I have a VPIP of 20.8 and a PFR of 16.29 so I guess I can be happy with that, but my AF is 6.21. Is that really bad? I think I fold often enough. And with this strategy I find myslf betting way more than calling so I guess that's where this comes from, but I wonder why it's apparently too high

    3. An AF of 6 is extremely high but as I always say, if you are winning, don't change anything. Could sample size be an issue with that number though?

  4. hi i will be buying your video training course, but have a problem with it in preview. i can get the video but it has no sound. i have never has any problem in running your videos before.i am using windows 10. what file do i need to get sound to operate? how do i get it to run in HD mode? i am a SUPER FISH using computers. could you offer any suggestions? again thanks for the info you supply. i have used your ideas in my mtt tournaments and it has help my game. i am a winner there. again tks for the time you spend helping all of us. would be interested i hearing from usa players and maybe set up chat with others to help each of use?I ( edit last statement if not permitted) al

    1. Hi Al,

      I am glad that I could help!

      Are you talking about the preview videos in this post? They are hosted on Youtube so there shouldn't be any issues with sound. Have you checked your speaker volume? Does this happen with other Youtube videos?

      The actual course is hosted on another site. It is also available for download. If you have bought the course and are having sound issues just let me know.

      I have a forum on my website where you can chat with other poker players and exchange your skype etc. Here is the link:

  5. Anonymous23 June

    Hi Nathan! Big fan of you here from Brazil!
    I just bought your curse but can't donwload it. There is no file,it says. Can you check it?

    1. Hi, sorry about the download issues. I am working on a backup download link right now. I will get back to you.

  6. Too bad Pokerstars removed the 1/2c cash tables from the lobby here in Belgium... Puts us in a highly disadvantaged position :(

    1. I just heard about this yesterday. From what I understand they are just testing this right now in Belgium. I think it would be a big mistake if they remove this game.

  7. Hi Nathan. I've been following your blog regularly for a while now anf I'd like to thank you for all the timebyou take to help us out. I purchased the mastery course a few days ago and it's been going great at the tables thus far. It seems I was trying to play way too fancy for these stakes and applying a bunch of strategies that don't apply to Nl2.
    Thanks again, your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. No problem, glad I could help. Happy to hear that you are finding the NL2 Mastery Course useful as well!

  8. Hi, I love your posts even though i am a low stakes mtt player. The variance with the games I am playing is a little disheartening at times and so I balance MTT´s with sitngo´s to even the swings somewhat. I am a stay at home mum and so my time is limited. Do you think that cash games would be a good choice to aim for a steadier income? Do you think your course would be beneficial to an intermediate MTT player? Many thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Sam,

      I think that cash games will definitely provide a more steady income. However, you will probably find that the competition is harder overall. Regarding my course (and books too), they are meant for cash games. However, having played a lot of low stakes MTTs myself, I know that many of the same concepts apply versus the weaker opponents there. So even though my content is aimed at cash game players, low level MTT or SNG players probably could find some benefit in it also.