Monday, May 16, 2011

But How Much Did You Lose?

I have played A LOT of online poker over the years. I am talking millions and millions of hands.

Trying to figure out my career earnings is a near impossible task because hand histories got stored on different computers and compiled by different programs: Pokertracker and Holdem Manager.

Before PTR stopped tracking the games at Pokerstars they had me listed as the #1 winner of all-time at both NL2 and NL5. I have also had a lot of success at higher limits as well before they started tracking these games.

Anyways, here are some numbers that I have managed to piece together from my last 5 million or so hands. Nearly all hands were played on Pokerstars while 24 tabling both 6max and full ring cash games.

All winrates are in big bets/100 hands. You have to double them to get big blinds/100.

In addition to this, I have made close to another 50k more over just this sample in rakeback earnings, having hit Supernova and milestone bonuses on Pokerstars multiple times.

I have also made some smaller amounts playing in other formats such as LHE, PLO and MTT's. However, I don't think my earnings exceed 10k so I didn't bother tracking them all.

In more recent years I have mostly stopped mass multi-tabling the lowest stakes in order to focus on table selection and playing higher limits.

I also play almost exclusively now on much easier poker sites (i.e. ones NOT named Pokerstars). This has allowed me to significantly increase my hourly while playing online.

*I have never made a deposit on any online poker room. I started my bankroll by selling play money chips and I have never gone broke.

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  1. I wonder what stakes you'd be playing at if you never withdrawn from your br?

  2. Poker has been a decent chunk of my income for many years so it wasn't really an option. Probably much higher though.

  3. Great results. Love all the haters lol ing at you playing 2 & 5 NL but I think its cool.

  4. Thanks. Haha ya, life's too short to waste any time on these people! Haters gonna hate...

  5. That is a decent amount of winnings you got there. If you're running a windows PC, you could try graphing that using MS Excel. Or have you already tried that?

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  6. thats impressive. I love the blog. great articles. cheers mate :)

  7. John,

    Never really thought of that. I don't have all the hand histories anymore in any case. I will get Stars to send them all to me again one day and see what I can do.



  8. Hey Nathan,

    congrats to your stats!
    I´m trying to get close to your win rate on every level that I tackle!;)

    I was wondering however how the win rate and the played hands match with the total winning in your graph...when i calculate it, i end up with half the winnings that your graph shows?!


  9. Hi Kai,

    Thanks. Although remember that many of these results were taken from years ago when the games were a little bit easier. They are still achievable in today's games but you need to table select a lot more. You can't just hop on 24 random tables like I used to and expect to achieve the same results.

    As for the winnings, it is probably because my winrate there is in BB/100 (big bets), not bb/100 (big blinds). If you want to calculate it using bb/100 you have to double it. So the overall winrate would be 18bb/100 for example.

  10. I saw the comment about the Big Bets one minute after I wrote my post!

    Sorry, my bad!

  11. Incredible earnings for these stakes! Great blog too, thanks for writing it.

  12. Hey,

    What do you make on average on an year-to-year basis?

    1. It really differs greatly depending on how much I play, what stakes I play, variance etc.