Sick NL2 Challenge and Radio Interview

NL2 challenge blackrain79 radio interview
NL2 Challenge

And no it is actually not me doing the challenge! Bet you didn't see that coming huh? Ignacio MartĂ­nez who is the translator of Aplastando los MicrolĂ­mites, the Spanish version of Crushing the Microstakes, is embarking on a sicko quest to profit 1k USD before the end of the year at NL2. Better known as "nachofenix" on, and a prolific microstakes grinder himself, you can follow his progress and wish him buena suerte here.

Fair warning, if you are Espanol challenged like me, you will need to stick the link in an online translator such as Bing since it is a Spanish website. Ignacio obviously speaks very good English as well though and I will make sure to get an interview from him on here (in English) when he is finished with the challenge.

Radio Interview

I was really excited to be asked recently to come on the House of Cards poker radio show which is broadcast all over the east coast of the U.S. on Fox, ESPN and NBC radio as well as on the internet. I did a 15 minute interview with the host Ashley Adams and we talked about a whole host of stuff like how I got involved in the game, what it is like to grind millions of hands at the micros and the book.

I have done quite a few web based interviews before such as with Pokerlistings (see here), Betfair (see here) and Checkraze (see here) but radio (even though it wasn't live) is definitely a much cooler experience. I had to get up at the crack of dawn here in Thailand to do the interview due to the time difference so hopefully I sounded halfway coherent! The interview will go live starting the week of Nov 26th and archives are available on the House of Cards website.

Sadly, many of these links broken and removed. Will try to find replacements if these podcast episodes still exist.

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  1. Brilliant, I am learning spanish and grinding 5nl at the moment so I am going to love following this one.