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blackrain79 Aplastando los Microlímites
I am very pleased to announce the release of Aplastando los Microlímites, the Spanish version of Crushing the Microstakes. I could not have accomplished this without the help of my translator, Ignacio Martínez. In fact he deserves basically all of the credit as my Spanish is horrible. Due to the popularity of Crushing the Microstakes (CTM) there have been a number of inquiries for translations into other languages. I chose to do a test run of sorts in Español with Ignacio due to his professionalism and the ease with which it was to work with him. 

Another huge reason why I chose to work with him is that he is also a microstakes grinder himself, which means that he has a deep understanding of all the poker related terminology in the book. This is crucial to the translation of a very technical niche market book like CTM. And lastly, he has already read and even applied the principles of the English version at the tables with these results:

Aplastando los Microlímites translator poker results

Aplastando los Microlímites (ALM) is a literal word for word translation of it's English language counterpart into the Spanish language. However, several poker related terms such as "3bet," "cbet" and "overpair" were kept in English due to the difficulty of finding an appropriate equivilent in Español. CTM has been thoroughly reviewed at this point and has received a lot of positive feedback. See the main thread on 2+2 for the largest amount of reviews:

And here are some other in depth reviews by major poker websites:

As mentioned, this book is a very specifically focused treatise on how to beat crush microstakes no limit hold'em cash games. And since it has only been out for 8 months, it is still highly applicable to today's games. It is a straight to the point step by step manual that seeks to enable a beginner or struggling microstakes player to start winning right now. It was built off of my own experience playing millions of hands and crushing these limits for years. 

blackrain79 all time results

Table of Contents (Click

Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 1
Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 2
Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 3
Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 4
Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 5
Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 6
Aplastando los Microlímites table of contents 7

For more information including screenshots, a listing of the free bonus materials and more reviews please see the sales page for ALM on this website.  

I am very happy to open up CTM to the Spanish speaking world. It is my hope that it will help turn your results around at the tables like it has for many English readers. 

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  1. Is it possible for me to download this, if I bought Eng ver. already?