Crushing the Microstakes for Kindle

I am happy to finally announce that Crushing the Microstakes is now available on Kindle, iPad and other e-readers. All sales through this website will now include a mobi, epub and pdf version of the book.

For Kindle devices the mobi file is the one that you will want to use. Just plug your Kindle into your computer via USB and transfer it over. The epub version will be better for iPads, smart phones and tablets.

I have had many questions about when the book will be available in the Amazon Kindle store. Due to reasons beyond my control (their absurdly limited payment options for Kindle publishers to begin with) it is not currently on there. I will continue trying to work out a solution with them though.

If you are a previous buyer and you want the mobi or epub versions please just send me an email. Thank you for all the patience!


  1. I got mobi/epub copy of the book and loaded to my e-reader, it looks great.

    Thanks, Nathan.

  2. Awesome, glad to hear!

  3. coming to ipad soon? oh and if we've published the ebook do we get it for free?

    1. Forgive my ignorance as I don't own an ipad but I wasn't aware that there was a special version needed for it. If there is and you could tell me what it is that would be great and I will look into it. I believe I had someone once tell me that the PDF looked ok on his ipad and perhaps you can read the epub or mobi version on it as well?

      By published the ebook do you mean that you purchased it? Assuming that, yes absolutely.