Waited 17 years for This

Even though this is a poker blog, there won't be anything poker related in this post.

As a longtime diehard fan of the Vancouver Canucks these are pretty exciting times and its difficult to focus on much else.

The general excitement in this city is now at or above the level seen when the Winter Olympics were here last year. There are Canucks flags and jerseys everywhere and street parties after every win. And for good reason.

Its been 17 years since the heartbreak of 1994 when we lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the New York Rangers.

After 40 years in the league and only 2 appearances in the Finals (both defeats) we finally get another crack starting tonight. We are the favorites this time, with home ice advantage, as we play against the Boston Bruins, who themselves haven't won a cup in 39 years! Somethings got to give.

I predicted the Canucks over the Bruins in 6 games before the playoffs began and will be sticking with that.

I'm gonna go ahead and use my One Time!!! on this one. Go Canucks!!!


  1. Whats up Nathan? how come you are back at nl2...you will not improve if you keep this up.


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