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And I thought poker had a lot of variance! Being a fan of pro sports is just an exercise in pain tolerance. Tomorrow night, the Vancouver Canucks host game 7 in a winner take all for the Stanley Cup. If we win, it will be one of the greatest days of my life and there will probably be a summer long party here. If we lose, utter devastation and there might be a riot like in 1994 lol. Just a little bit of run good would be nice in a time like this!

With poker, things are good. I just continue to play a moderate amount of volume at low stakes to make a few extra bucks. I'm often completely autopilotting 24 tables while listening to podcasts etc. Still not sure about my playing future and what I want to do. Still not really too concerned about it though.

I have had quite a bit of response with the coaching and am working with several students now. After a few sessions now I am feeling pretty good about it. I actually do enjoy it quite a bit and I figured that might be the case as I enjoy making videos for DragTheBar as well.

The most challenging part has definitely been dealing with the wide range of abilities of the students. Some of them just need fine tuning and some need major overhauls to their game. But all in all, its satisfying to help people get better and achieve their goals. And I get paid to talk about something that I enjoy talking about anyways. Win win.

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