Accidentally deleted a bunch of recent comments while trying to delete all the invite comments. I had temporarily published the invite comments, after the blog was set to private (so that nobody saw them), in order to copy and paste email addresses. Sorry about that =/ I deleted some of my comments too lol.

Anyways, thanks again for reading. I hope entering your details to read this blog isn't too much of a pain. Perhaps clicking the "remember me" option will help with that.


  1. Thanks for continuing your blogs for us micro grinders..

    I have a ?? was wondering when you played .01-.02 did you play deep stack only ??? and why instead of reg stack ???
    Thanks Chris

  2. Yes, I played deepstacked only at NL2, same thing at NL5. 1) I always had the bankroll for it 2) If you think that you are one of the best players at the table, then you should always want the most money in front of you.

  3. nice work Rain, You hit the $10000 mark on ptr!! Warm status is heating up!



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