July Review/August Goals

Overall July was a pretty disappointing month for me. I only ended up playing 175k hands due to taking 7 days off. To make matters worse I went through my second longest downswing ever at 80k hands, and ran woefully below average on the month as a whole. All hands were played at NL5 and my winrate was a shockingly low 4.8BB/100. It was nearly 7 last month and has been right around that all year long. The micro mania promotion helped a little bit. I think I made roughly $300 with stellars and FPP value on top of table winnings.

I need to get back on track in August. I need to play way more and take shots at NL25 when I run good again.


  1. Rain ,
    I can see ur disappointed about running below average but things usually level out in future ahead.
    About shots at 25 nl maybe an idea is mixing it up with 5 nl so 24 tabling would be u 20 tables 5nl and 5 25 nl when runnin like usual u can add more 25 nl and close 5nl tables.Goodluck ahead and make it happen!!

  2. GG Rain.
    Keep up the good win rate.
    I respect very much your ethic and work.
    I played all time 6max but I tried also for couple of times to play like 16-20 tables at 5NL. Not a chance to have any success. So now I am back with my favorite game 6max and 4-6 tables where I can get my 5-10BB/100 win rate.
    What I want to say is that you have a lot of discipline and ambition.
    For sure you will succeed with your goals.
    Just hope that you'll not switch to 6 max because I don't want to see you on one of my tables. :-)

    Cheers and keep it fun!

  3. Anonymous03 August

    i would say talking about a downswing with that curve and winrate is not a sign of a good mindset...
    and runing below ev is what happens to every good player.
    if you get your money in always as favorite, you will be sucked out way more often than anyone who gets his money more often in with a 2nd best hand.

    there is no way to run over ev for a good player without an upswing!

    so running under ev is a sign of good play.
    look at that from this side...

    and winning overall over 1000$ on nl2, are you joking? do you know that there are a lot nl50 player who didnt achieve that?

    so stop complaining, your curve is raising like not many others.
    be happy about that.

    you have to learn a bit about variance and the small edge you(anyone) can has in this game.
    everybody talks from 5bb but that is garbage with todays content for free everywhere.
    most regs will not get 5bb. hell, even durrr isnt winning 5bb.
    fix your mindset and keep up that good work.
    and move up in gods name!

    ps: i would like to see your nonSD curve and your stats
    can please post your stats?

    and sorry for my english

    keep up the good grind and move up soon

  4. Legend, I am confused. Do you understand BB/100? You can't compare DURRR to Blackrain.

    The higher the limits you go the lower the win rate.

    A great player like Blackrain is, should easily be posting 5BB/100 @ 5NL and 10BB/100 @ 2NL.

    No disrepect, just don't understand your post.

    Good month! Keep it going strong, lookign forward to your 25NL move this month.


  5. Anonymous03 August

    i just want to say that everybody complains if he has "only" under 5 big blinds per 100
    many even talk about ptbb
    but the games getin tougher everyday and most peoply thing winrates like before 3 years are still easy to do.
    thats not the case. so he should be fine with his <4bb/100 which is a lot

    and without beeing unrespectfull to him... a great player isnt what i define a nl5 winner.
    sure he's expoiting the weak fishes at the micros.
    but watching his ptr analysis, he is a nutpeddler
    very tight, passive and a showdown nit.
    this style is only working if your opponents didnt take notice of that.
    and this isnt working anymore at nl25 and above
    so his play obv has big fundamental leaks.
    and because of that he should even be more thankfull to achieve this great winrate and we will see how it will work at nl25.
    i wish him the best bc he seems like a nice guy with a great desire to poker.
    but i wanted to make himunderstand that running below ev isnt a downswing.
    he should be happy cause that means he puts his money in as a favor, which is the best you can do in poker. the rest isnt in your hands.

  6. Thanks for the ideas and comments everyone.

    Ron, good idea, might try.

    Ninja, don't worry, I don't plan on playing any 6max anytime soon lol.

    Legendis, Yup I know I was complaining and it is not a good mindset to have. I try not to do that too much. However, this is a personal journal of sorts to me and I use it to vent from time to time.

    There are probably less than 1000 people on the planet who have played more hands of poker than me (I didn't begin playing poker in Oct 2009 when PTR began tracking micros). I understand variance :P Thanks though.

    I hold myself to my own standards, not the standards of other people. So while 5BB/100 might be acceptable to others at NL5, it is not for me.

    My non-SD has been posted before. My redline slopes downward. My stats are the typical TAG/NIT 14/11/4 kind of thing. But there are massive differences between the micro level games so how I play at NL2 for instance is much different than NL25.

  7. Hi Blackrain,sometimes we play at Star. :) I used to think you were some kind of bot. Lol! What software do you use and how do you play 24 tables? Do you use an autofolder or something? How many hours a day do you play and how much do you earn per month? Are you a zombie? :P

    That's all! :P

  8. FA,

    Autofolder is against the rules. I have posted my software many times, please see previous comments. Same thing with hours per day. For monthly earnings check the last post of the month, I always post it there.

  9. Best of luck @ the tables Black I suck at poker good to see someone posting some wins.Hey FA the autofolder thing I tried that before on stars they caught me in about 10 seconds there.The only thing I can run thats not on their approved list of software is pokeredge5 that works well on there though. Anyways Blackrain good luck on moving up to NL25 it will be a challenge for you but I'm sure you'll break through and succeed!

  10. I'm sorry, I did all the obvious questions.:) Another one: do you intend to play poker for a living? I mean, even if you don't need money do you want yo do this everyday for years to come?

    I wouldn't mind at all do live for poker if I earned at least 3 x the average income in my country and that's 3k. Impossible in microlimits. So I guess it pays me some weekends out and some vacations eventually.

  11. DD,

    Thanks, gl to u2


    I play poker for the money yes. I am not sure how long I will play poker everyday but I don't think I will ever completely quit as I also play for the love of the game.


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