Hands Played Today - 4123

Hands Played July - 175595


Nothing working again today. Couldn't be bothered to grind through it. This month has it in for me. Luckily just one day left.


  1. bro I think you have a different definition of downswings than most people. downswing = losing money, not just running below EV

    ptr has you at your career peak almost every day, I don't see how this is a downswing.

    much respect though.

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  3. Adam,

    I play low limits where huge winrates are possible so a downswing doesn't necessarily mean losing money. If I was playing NL100, I would probably be down 20 or 30 buyins this month. I know how most people will read this though. What is he crying about etc. I look at it in terms of BB, not money.

  4. how much are you under EV this month? iam under 63 dollars :/

    i was happy for saturday i hitted table with big fish who called preflop everything, so i raised AA preflop 1 dollar he calls and hit pair of sixes and on turn he moved all in so i call and river another 6 -12,5 dollars
    5 hands later i got KK limp raised to 2 dollars just to isolate him from other players who raised preflop, only fish call and on flop 68T moved all in again, i call again and he shows 79 rofl -12,5dollars

    other tables against unknown players with fishy stats i hitted 555set and fish got KKK set, other table 222 against 333, this happened in 800 hands, so i just turned off tables and go out rofl


  5. Roman,

    HEM only shows me as being 15 bucks below EV on the month. I don't put much into that stat though as an indicator of running good/bad for a variety of reasons that aren't worth going into here. Winrate is always going to be the truest indicator imo. In that area I am almost 2BB below normal on the month.

  6. what is your normal winrate at 5nl? (in HEM, not PTR)

  7. HEM says just over 6 this year at NL5, thought it was 7. Games get harder, its always dropping =/


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