Hands Played Today - 7335

Hands Played June - 21444


Things went better today on the cash tables. SnG's continue to be a nightmare. Never run this bad in them. I was on near life tilt today after the following hand. It is the often talked about situation on the bubble in a satellite. There were 7 of us left. 6 spots get paid. I sit comfortably in 2nd with tons of chips. The chipleader is a maniac raising every hand. He is first to act and raises as usual. I have KK on the button. Fold...just fold. No fuck him I'm all in. He instacalls with his AT, ace on the flop, gg I'm out in 7th and get nothing. Just fold.


  1. What SnG's do you Play?
    Regards and good luck next time.

  2. Anonymous04 June

    hello i have question

    do you use hud or just value beting?

    and how do you play KK preflop? if someone reraise you all in, can you fold it? or never fold AA/KK preflop

    another problem with my playing are sets, if you hit low set like 222 or 333, and some tight player reraise you on no flush and no straight flop, do you think he have higher set? this happens so much in 5/10 cents limits to me, i hitted 3 times per day low set to high set and get stacked

    i have slow PC so when i am playing 24 tables i cant use hud, so usualy iam just value beting and playing positions and good cards, only some players i remeber i play other style

    iam litle profitable, but cant get in numbers like you are in

    i saw in other comment that you want jump through 0.05/0.1 to 0.1/0.25 cents, i tried playing 5/10 cents too and its much more difficult then 2/5 cents, there are lot of tight players

    iam trying to play 10 000 hands per day and i hope one day i be good as you are

    sry for my english, iam from slovakia :d

    gl, dujon1

  3. Paulo,

    210fpp turbo satellite to Sunday 1/4 million.


    Yes I use a HUD. A really old one called Realtime. I have problems with it sometimes though even with a fast computer. I will be getting HEM at some point soon. I don't think a HUD is absolutely necessary (I played without one for years) but it helps.

    KK preflop is totally situation dependent. At NL5 for 250bb it is definitely possible to fold KK preflop against an extremely tight reg. For 100bb, the guy has to be the nittiest player of all time for me to even consider folding.

    Folding sets is also totally situation dependent. In general I never fold them. But in a limped pot, with bottom set, on a dry board, against a very tight reg I will consider it.



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