Hands Played Today - 7124

Hands Played June - 45729



  1. Anonymous07 June

    my holdem manager trial version ended so i downloaded realtime hud and its good, i can play 24 tables with it, but i need some program which can make graphs and where i can see my sessions like in hem, dont you know some program, which is free ?

    thank for advices


  2. Anonymous07 June

    Hello, I just read that you move up to NL25 this month. will you not play NL10 before?

    I always play with you on NL5 tables but fewer hands :b


  3. dujon1,

    For graphs I use Pokergrapher. Other than that I still use PT2 for all my tracking.


    I've just never cared for NL10. Its basically the same amount of money as NL5, but with only 100 big blinds. I prefer to play deep whenever I can. Also, I am not new to poker. I can beat NL25. So I will play there next.

  4. hi BlackRain79 - how to convert hands on legopoker ? Im using Holdem manager, and i dont know ... how to do it ? :) thanks!

    GL u CU on tables

  5. Anonymous08 June

    Hi BlackRain, what is your status? goldstar? how many vpps you do? are you using tableninja for multitable?


  6. Anonymous08 June

    Hi black, how many hours u play per day? gl

  7. Mistr,

    I just go here,


    paste the raw hand history into the box, choose "html" and hit convert. I copy the result and paste it on my blog post.


    Goldstar yes. How many VPP's do I do? I don't know what that means. At NL5 I got 3900 VPP I think last month in 239k hands. I don't use TN. I use some old school AHK scripts like Starscash, Betpot, StarsAssistant.


    I play around 6 hours a day on average.

  8. Hello,
    Probably somebody ask you on this. But why you played nl5? You have big winrate, you can easily beat nl50+. You win lots of bb on nl2, nl5 if you played nl50, you would be much richer. Is poker your job? And where do you live.
    Thank you, for answers. See you. Good luck.

  9. Maestro0909,

    I will be moving up in time. I cashout a lot and therefore my bankroll is not that big. I live in Vancouver, Canada.

  10. Actually there is a big skill differences between NL2-NL25 and NL50 - its really really different game.

    Winrate at 4 BB/100 on NL50 its really really good and its hard to get it by multitable players - especially on PS - but everything is possible! :)


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