Hands Played Today - 10087

Hands Played June - 38605



  1. Hey BR, have you noticed the new rake policy at Stars?

    $3 max rake...I'm thinking of moving my roll elsewhere. The grind is a lot harder when I have 10NL pots being raked for $2.50+ today.

  2. Yes I have been following that thread on 2+2 and looking at the numbers in PT. There was a pretty big jump in the amount of rake I paid today. I am not sure how much this will affect my bottom line at this point. I am pretty bad with math in general. I expect Stars may reconsider this change given the amount of outrage I have seen. But we will see.

  3. betidiots07 June

    hey rain how are ya, dunno if u follow players progress at all but in the past i used to tilt really badly sometimes, i used to try and move up to get my money back which worked sometimes but a cpl of times i lost alot, over the last year or so i never really have tilted much until one day recently, i have gotten really good at knowing when im tilting u feel urself impatient and its best for me to just stop, recently i lost like $200 in 1 day which hurt me, but have recovered pretty well recently, its all a learning process tho, my question is that do you sense tilt or know even before u start playing that ur in an impatient mood to start playing, and what makes u start tilting like a long stretch with no hands or a bad beat, and also what are your methods of controlling it, do you tell yourself things like just be patient or other things, im just curious on how u go about it it might help me, thanks for your help


  4. Hi betidiots. I am good thanks. Everybody tilts even if they claim not to and it is a huge part of the profitability of the game. I tilt the most when I am in a long stretch of running bad. Every beat or cooler starts to become personal to me. If I make a really bad or absent minded play, that can also cause me to tilt.

    But while I may feel really angry or frustrated, I do not allow it to affect my game in any significant way. If I am running extremely bad, or I am to the point where I do feel it will start affecting my game, I will sometimes just quit for the day or go get some fresh air and try again later. I do not jump stakes to chase losses.

    During the break I will often rationalize things by looking at how much I have won in the past as well as going over the hand histories and explaining to myself that it was just a bad session/day/week. I also explain to myself that the loss was small, since I practice good bankroll management, and so it won't affect my life in any real way. Lastly, as long as I played well, I remind myself that these losses were not really my fault. I look at bad beats and coolers as a tax that must be paid to poor players in order to keep them coming back for more.


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