Hands Played Today - 6165

Hands Played June - 106084



  1. Ok, firstly I've been following your progress for awhile, your winrate is insane and your volume is also insane. In my opinion you can beat 25NL easily, when do you plan to move to higher limits? Also I realize it may be possible that you can make more $ @ 5NL than 10nl is that why you don't play 10nl? Is this also the reason why you haven't moved to 25nl? Also I wish you much luck in the future just seeing the volume you put in has helped me get off my lazy butt and grind more thank you sir.

  2. Thanks man for giving me hope. :-)
    I play also at 5NL, but 6 MAX tables. I don't have your success but I am trying to improve my play.

    GL and cheers!

  3. Scalpwiz,

    Will move up soon. I don't think there is a big difference in profitability between NL5 and NL10. I have just always chosen to play NL5. Thanks and gl


    Thanks and gl.


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