Hands Played Today - 4017

Hands Played June - 99919



  1. Anonymous15 June

    Have you figured out how much the changed rake structure has affected your bottom line?

  2. No. My winrate is about the same as last month. I am sure it has some effect but there is nothing I can do about it so I don't pay much attention to it.

  3. Anonymous16 June

    what is your average winnings per month in these stakes?

    are you looking at players tables too, when you making decision if call overpair or not? i mean AK on board K 3 6 and some player go all in, iam looking if he playing more tables or just one, if he playing one table its easier decision to call him, because usualy he have some weak K or something like that and he thinks he is best

    iam rly interested how you will going in 10/25 cents, iam your big fan and hope you will be ultimate grinder of month when you jump to these stakes !

    thank you very much for realtime hud, i am playing 24 tables and these days i started to play 200 big blinds, because i have finally bankroll to play it and iam nice profitable on it.


  4. Anonymous16 June

    have you ever have a 12K hands downsing ?? I'm having it and its so depresing ...

  5. dujon1,

    I post my winnings on the last day of the month on this blog. Go back through the archives and you will find it.

    Yes, I definitely give multi tablers more credit. I basically know who they are by now at NL5. I don't have to look.

    Thanks for being a fan lol. I'm just a lowly NL5 poker player but if I inspire some people, that is great.

    I have stopped using Realtime HUD the past week or two. It lags my computer so bad now. Maybe cuz my database is too big. I'm gonna get HEM soon. Glad it is working for you though. gl


    Yes I have had many many downswings. I don't actually lose money because I play such low stakes and my winrate is therefore high. But I have run significantly below EV for 90k hands before. I probably have a couple 12k hand downswings a month :) Just grind through it. They always come to an end.

  6. Anonymous16 June

    I couldnt multitab with PT3 because it lagged my computer so badly so I got HEM and now I can play 24 smooth tables :)

    I play 5NL too in stars (I see you a lot, my nick is imnotinsane you may recognise it), and in my last 12K hands I didnt lose but I wont around 4BI which is really low ratio for those too many hours of play which tilt me so much because 5NL is completly full of people calling his half stack with a gutshot or 3ยบ pair and I can't even make more money there lol.


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