Hands Played Today - 7107

Hands Played May - 206690


I have now broken my record for most hands played in a month again and there are 5 days still remaining. I hope to hit 250k but that might be pushing it.


  1. just out of curiousity i seen u fold from the sb alot and all of a sudden u limp with Q3 then call a raise? also i seen a u call 12.50 flat from bb 2c/5c with K6 off?????? u won these pots but wtf fold from sb alot and call 12.50 with K6 off how do u justify these situations also the Q3 the guy raised ur over bet on the river and u still re raise lol suss play really for a so called non bot

  2. betidiots,

    So nice of you to comment on my blog. I was starting to miss some of my old haters. Just keep it respectful please. This is not the place for your random accusations or insults. The great thing about my blog is that I don't have to publish comments :)

    As to the hands in question. Both of those spots were completely player dependent (i.e, villain in both hands was a complete maniac).
    You are absolutely right that under all normal circumstances I never play these hands in this manner.

  3. all good i know, the K6 1 the guy went all in like 3 hands in a row lol but still K6 for a whole stack is a crazy call, even tho i talk shit im still a fan lol keep moving up im always on the lookout, hopefully me and you can be on high stakes poker one day taking durrs money :D

  4. Meh, K6o is an above average hand. Ya, if I remember he was just open shoving every hand, so time to gamble! lol Ok thanks, were cool. GL to u.


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