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I ran pretty bad today. I typed up a nice rant to post here and then erased it. I don't want to subject my readers to that. I don't want to subject myself to that!

I found this simple piece of wisdom in a forum post the other day. What is the secret to being successful at poker you ask? The secret is following these steps:

1. Find a poker game that you can beat consistently

2. Make sure you're properly bankrolled for the game

3. Shut up about running badly because honestly nobody cares. Man the fuck up, and just get over it. If you're following step #2 then no downswing should ever truly matter.

4. Work your ass off

5. Profit


  1. hello Blackrain, i just found out about your blog, truth is i have been checking you out on ptr for some time, often looking through you hands, see you you play, maybe i can catch some ideas. i have been playing 2nl for a while, my winnings are not as big as yours but ptr says i have a 5.4BB/100 rate in my whole poker career for about 200k hands. now my question is to you: what poker book do you recommend to someone like me?

  2. Thanks for the great 2+2 link. I can see why you are pissy....Thanks to PTR, I saw that you ran AK into AA in consecutive hands...to the same person! I'm surprised you still have a computer monitor!

  3. Daniel,

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend any poker books. Most are outdated and not applicable to today's online games. If you want to get better you should post hands to a good poker forum. You should study your hands, the winning ones and the losing ones. Ask yourself these types of questions. Did I win the maximum? Did I lose the least? Lastly, just play more. The best way to learn the game is through playing.


    Haha ya. After the second one, the guy actually typed in chat something like "I'm sorry, that is just wrong." Ya I found that post recently. Its 100% true what that guy says. Complaining about variance accomplishes absolutely nothing. Its a waste of time and just reinforces negative feelings that you run worse than anyone. Afterall, 9 out of 10 poker players will tell you they are the unluckiest ever.


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