Hands Played Today - 6045

Hands Played May - 40478



  1. ricardo56006 May

    Congratulations on the blog BlackRain, you are a great example of top notch poker at the nano stakes.

  2. Anonymous06 May

    Hello BR have been following ur progress for a ittle while. (since u took the "all time winnings lead 1/2c PS" according to PTR anyway. Great game. am puzzled by you still staying at such micro limits when you obviously could make more hry rate at higher levels...your blog ....08, 09.)I remember your liking of the quote about who cares about winrate....just most money. I,m definitly not one to hassle you about "moving up" each to their own.just curious. anyway keep up good game and informative blog

  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys. My reasons for playing so low are personal. But I will be moving up steadily this year. I am done with NL2 now. I will be playing NL5 for the next month or so and then NL25 and so on.

  4. Fold_DEnutz06 May

    Since you have the highest win rate at 2NL & will prob be the same at 5NL, etc.. Are you interested in becoming part of the Pokerstars Online TEAM PRO?

  5. Yes. I simply missed the application process last time. I would have applied had I known.

  6. Anonymous07 May

    ur sick man keep it up !


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