I Am BlackRain79

I am opening this blog up to the public. It has in actuality been public for 3 years but I have never revealed my screen name until now. I am BlackRain79 on PokerStars (and elsewhere).

I have gained a certain amount of "notoriety" in the poker community since PTR began tracking my play in October of last year.

I currently have the #1 highest winnings in online poker history at 2NL and 5NL along with tens of thousands more in winnings in higher stakes games.

I will be writing poker articles here on my website to help you guys start winning in small stakes poker games.

I also wrote a free poker cheat sheet to help you get started learning my strategy.

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  1. Anonymous30 April

    You are a freak...What are your poker goals? Stars Pro? etc.

    What's the secret of running so good?

  2. TommyHo30 April

    BR- I read your whole blog (Too much time at work). I see you are playing for money. You can become a ONLINE PRO very easily in 2011. You are already a legend. CHIPSTAR1 is a pro but your game is far better.

    To become a PRO - you need a following like that clown CHIREN80. This Blog is a solid start.

    Can you post why you are down to 2NL & 5NL? You played so much higher.

    Your age? You should of been on team canada online pro's!

  3. A blog worth following, good luck with the grinding.

  4. Anonymous01 May

    Respect to you Sir for your play is great. My question is, how many tables do you play at once? How long did it take you to get to that number of tables? What books helped your game the most. Do you play poker for a living?
    Good Luck,

  5. Mukis, thanks.

    TH, no comment on why I play the stakes I play. I am 31 years old.

    Anon, goals are to make money, move up etc. i am not really interested in being well known. running good? lol have you read this blog?

  6. Anonymous01 May

    I forgot to ask about your computer setup. I can't seem to play more than 6 tables on my 22" screen. Wondering how many and what size monitors you work with?

  7. Simon, 24 tables. I have basically always played the max tables that Stars allows. I am a former gamer etc. but it did take some getting used to in the beginning probably. get comfortable with X # of tables and add 1 more next time.

    I haven't read very many poker books. "theory of poker" by Sklansky I read early on. Its like the bible for poker, very good. Other than that, "Ace on the river" by Greenstein and Leatherass's book are both good but deal with less with actual strategy and more with other factors.

    no comment on how much of my income poker makes up.

  8. I do have a dual monitor setup but I have all my tables stacked on a single 20 inch.

  9. I also play 24 tables, and I thought I was the unluckiest guy ever to play the game. Set over Set, Flush over Flush, AA running into KK too much.

    After I read your blog, I guess this is supposed to happen.

    Too late for being well-known! You are a micro-stakes legend!

    I have learned so much already from your blog about quitting before tilt. I will employ that immediately!

    Please keep up with the BLOG, my job sucks and need something to read!

  10. Anonymous01 May


    How many VPP have you earned this year?

    Can you earn a decent living playing 2NL?

    Thank You for your time.

  11. BB, Glad you enjoy the blog and it helps you. It is a brutal game sometimes. Tilt control is vital.

    Anon, I have around 6k VPP on the year. I would not suggest trying to make a living at NL2. I will leave it at that lol.

  12. Again, thanks for all the nice remarks. Truthfully I have written this blog for 3 years now as a personal journal. There are more hits to my blog today than in the past year. I still just write this blog for me. But if it is a help to anyone, then that is great.

  13. Anonymous01 May

    Do you ever hate poker? Don't you ever get sick of it? Whats the longest break youve taken from it?

  14. Nope, I like money and the competitive aspect of it. I am always trying out new things, trying to improve. Longest stretch of not playing in the past 5 years was probably about 3 weeks.

  15. Anonymous01 May

    Did you have success right from the beginning? How long was it before you realized that you wanted to take take it from recreation to something more serious. What characteristics do you think make you a great poker player? (ie disciplined etc)
    Thank you

  16. Yes I had success right from the beginning. By beginning I mean 2004 PartyPoker play money. All I did was play tight and I had like 50 million chips or something ridiculous very soon lol. So I realized there was skill involved in the game. I started taking it seriously after that.

    Some of the traits of a great poker player in no particular order:

    discipline, above average intelligence, emotional control, gamble, highly competitive.

  17. Anonymous11 May

    Hello Blackrain79, I ran into you on pokerstars today and you were the only one playing at two of my 6 tables playing decent lines. You beat me in a set over set situation. Decided to pokertablerate you and was impressed with what I saw. You are very disciplined.

    My main question for you is a simple one: Why not take it up to .5 .1? I'm sure if you played 8-12 tables at this level you will be more profitable.

  18. Anon, please only comment on the latest post from now on. Had to search for this :) I think NL10 is pretty similar to NL5. Also I am used to the deep stacks from NL2. The next limit I play will be NL25.