Hands Played Today - 9080

Hands Played April - 206288!


New monthly record for most hands played in a month. I beat last month's mark by about 3k hands. Goals for May are to play more than 206288 hands and to move up to NL25 at some point.

My graph for the month looks remarkably similar to last month's. Just like last month, I had a decent size downswing near the end of the month. The first 118k hands are NL2. The last 88k hands are NL5. All full ring.
I probably made another $100-200 in stellar rewards and FPP value.


  1. lamphi02 May

    Hi man,

    Nice to see your graph. Played a lot of hands at nl2 with you(few against)and now moving at NL5. I have not to same success like you but...as my master, I hope to be more closer to your winrate...a day :)

    All the best for you. GG


  2. Thanks Lamphi. GL to you as well.

  3. Dear BlackRain79,

    I have played with you online at Stars. I noticed the past three months have been the most turbulent, with unusual upswings and downswings, for you and me both.

    I observed at Poker Table Ratings that several people who play micros at Stars, including Alliinwith22, are getting unusual results that are well below average.

    Do you think this is due mainly to the fact that Stars is now raking pots less than $1?

    My personal experience is this: I beat NL $0.01-0.02, $0.02-0.05 and $0.05-010 for five years, with only one negative month. The past 100 days have been break even.

    I have even begun to wonder if the cards are non-random.

    What I have also noticed, however, is that sessions that feel like I have broken even are now losses. I have also noticed that my opponents are stronger than before. I think this is in part due to the fact that the unfriendly rake structure is dissuading the weaker players from continuing to play at Stars.

    Do you have any observations you would like to share?



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