Random NL2 and my future with poker

Not even sure the days. Haven't played in two days now I think. NL2, some amount of hands the two days previous to that. Won of course. Pretty pathetic ending to 2008 but I haven't found the consistency all year. On the bright side, this year still has been a decent step forward. I crossed the million hand mark for the year a few weeks ago. I doubt I ever played more than 250k in any previous year.

Then again, they were almost all at embarassingly low limits. I think I said here around this time last year that I would quit this game if I didn't figure it out in 2008. Well I did and I didn't figure it out. That small step toward progress in playing a million hands is the only reason that I am going to continue on in 2009. But I need to see a lot more if 2010 or even the summer of 2009 is going to happen for me in this game.

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